Recessionary Strategic Planning Services

When faced with external pressures like inflation, economic downturns or rising interest rates, having a proactive mindset is key to success. Every business is bound to face economic challenges or tough times at one point or another. As such, our Recessionary Strategic Planning Services focus on what matters most—protecting your business, your employees and your customers. 

In order to survive in a recessionary economy, it takes excellence from all sides of a business. Our Recessionary Strategic Planning professionals create simplicity by strengthening cash flow, identifying potential issues before they happen, and enhancing leadership within your organization. Our philosophy is that by hyper-focusing on proven fundamentals, you can not only stay competitive amid an economic downturn, but your business can actually grow. 

With vast business experience and a variety of unique specializations, our team includes CPAs, CFEs, CIRAs, CTPs, valuation professionals, tax advisors and strategy consultants ready to support your mission and vision, especially when times are tough. 

Proactive Recessionary Plans Include 

  • Strategic Business Plan Advisory
  • Liquidity Management
  • Cash Flow Modeling
  • Loan Restructuring
  • Financial Record Assessment
  • Vendor and Contract Inspection
  • Debt Advisory
  • Interim Executive Management 

Our Process 

EisnerAmper's Financial Advisory Services Group enhances the planning process to focus on protecting your business and increasing its cash flow and value during recessionary times. 

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