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Recently EisnerAmper’s Real Estate group hosted the Fourth Annual Real Estate Private Equity Summit.  The event brought developers, investors, owners and operators together at Pier 60 in New York City to discuss what’s happening on the real estate front.  In this brief video we get a great cross-section of what the audience thinks about joint ventures, investment capital and the future of the market.

Bringing foreign capital to the US

Panelists discuss the process of bringing in foreign capital, the criteria that foreign investors look to in U.S. properties, and what kind of investments they are looking to make.

What do your future investments look like?

EisnerAmper Partner Lisa Knee asks the panel what their investors are looking for, the tools their investors are using to evaluate the market, the balance of supply and demand in real estate, and how they are planning for the “second half” of the real estate cycle.

What is your outlook on New York City?

Panelists describe their outlook on New York and other gateway cities, looking across geographies, asset classes, and property types.

What opportunities are in debt structure products across the capital stack?

With the economy in an active investment phase in debt and restructured products across the capital stack, panelists discuss opportunities they see, including transitional assets, different geographies, and non-traditional banking resources.

What are the trends in real estate investing?

Panelists share leading trends in the industry, including the reallocation from stocks and bonds to real estate as well as the evolution of foreign investment.

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