Real Estate Podcasts

Podcast March 16, 2023 Real Estate Investing for Climate Change

In this episode of Engaging Alternatives Spotlight, Elana Margulies-Snyderman, Director, Publications, EisnerAmper, speaks with Rajeev Ranade, Partner, Climate Core Capital, a New York-based real estate investment manager that seeks to minimize clima…

Podcast January 18, 2023 Real Estate Impact of Remote Workers

Amy Menist joins Tim Schuster on The Bottom Line podcast, where they discuss the top trends in real estate due to the rise in remote workers. This podcast also discusses what employees and employers should consider regarding purchasing versus renting…

Podcast February 16, 2022 ESG Real Estate Loans

A discussion with Chris Callahan, President & CEO of X-Caliber Capital about his views on investing in ESG-focused real estate loans, including the greatest opportunities and challenges in the space, what the firm is doing to champion DEI and more.

Podcast October 20, 2021 Part II: Delivering More Affordable Housing in California

An interview with Jim Farris, the CEO of Mosser Capital, and Neveo Mosser, the CEO of Mosser Companies and Co-Founder and Chairman of the company’s private equity business regarding how the company has changed and adapted, his market outlook, and why…

Podcast October 19, 2021 Part I: The Journey to Become a Workforce Housing Leader

In Part I of this two-part series, Youmna Assad interviews Neveo Mosser, the CEO of Mosser Companies and Co-Founder and Chairman of the company’s private equity business, Mosser Capital and Jim Farris, the CEO of Mosser Capital.

Podcast February 22, 2021 Economic Update: A California Perspective

Michael Morris and guest Patrick Kallerman discuss national and local economy—specifically regarding the real estate industry and how the market outlook may impact your business.

Podcast December 07, 2020 Bankruptcy and Restructuring for Real Estate Asset Classes: COVID-19 Impacts

Darren Griffith and Tony Calascibetta discuss an important facet of the potential impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate: Bankruptcy.

Podcast October 30, 2020 Boards and Private Equity: Best Practices for Success

Join Tami Davidman and Lisë Stewart as they provide a brief overview of the oversight that a board can provide and how a board of directors can help management effectively manage risk.

Podcast October 28, 2020 Pandemic Impact on the Workplace of the Future

Darren Griffith and Jennifer Samel discuss the evolving impact of the pandemic on the workplace.