A Quarterly Wink & a Glance at Venture Capital


In this episode of a “Quarterly Wink & a Glance at Venture Capital,” EisnerAmper Director of Capital Markets Alan Wink gives us the highlights of Q4 and his thoughts on 2017 as a whole. Was it really the year of the unicorn? Finally, Alan looks ahead to the 2018 VC market.


Dave Plaskow: Hello and welcome to EisnerAmper’s podcast series. We’re always interested in the latest trends and developments as well as any related business and accounting opportunities and challenges. 

Today we’re taking a look at the venture capital landscape for the fourth quarter of 2017. I’m your host Dave Plaskow and with us today is Allen Wink, a Director for EisnerAmper’s Capital Markets. Allen, welcome and thanks for being here.
Alan Wink: Thanks Dave.

About Alan Wink

Mr. Wink assists clients with capital budgeting, capital structuring and capital sourcing. He has worked with many tech and life science companies on developing the appropriate capital structure for their position in the business life cycle.

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A Quarterly Wink & a Glance at Venture Capital

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