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PRTS Intelligence (Process, Risk and Technology Solutions) provides operational, finance, and technology professionals with insights into topics related to cybersecurity, internal audit, regulatory compliance, digital solutions, and informational technology, including best practices and process transformation.

Articles October 09, 2019 Emerging Technologies: Q&A with Jason Juliano, Managing Director and CEO, Aponia Data Solutions

A conversation with Jason Juliano of Aponia Data Solutions, regarding cloud solutions focused on data security, risk management and compliance

Articles October 08, 2019 Security Incident Response Plans

A discussion of the differences between and importance of Disaster recovery/business continuity plans and the equally essential security incident response plans (SIRPs).

Articles October 08, 2019 The Three Lines of Defense Model: Ready for a New Look?

Current best practices have organizational structures maturing to more agile and technology-driven solutions. Risk management frameworks must keep up with the speed of change, and this evolution has exposed some drawbacks to the traditional Three Lin…

Articles June 18, 2019 Never Too Small for a Data Breach

There are various ways to reduce the threat of data breach including educational programs and phishing tests, firewalls and data mapping exercises.

Articles June 11, 2019 Robotics Process Automation (RPA) as a Service

To fully appreciate how robotics process automation (RPA) can be leveraged in a cloud environment, you must obtain an understanding cloud computing.

Articles February 27, 2019 Think Cybersecurity Doesn’t Impact Bricks-and-Mortar? Think Again!

Cybersecurity risks are getting worse, not better. We spoke with three executives of the real estate C-suite to find out the cybersecurity challenges (and associated mitigation techniques) they are dealing with.

Articles January 07, 2019 Intelligent Automation as a Business Applications Strategy

To compete in today’s digital world, business leaders must find ways that automation can be incorporated in daily business. Companies that have implemented digital solutions have eliminated 60% to 95% of manual processing tasks.

Articles January 07, 2019 Elements of an Effective Vendor Risk Management Program

A proper vendor management program framework aids in addressing the administration of third-party relationships. With the growing number of third-party vendors, proper vendor management programs are essential in maximizing value while minimizing risk…

Articles January 07, 2019 The Disconnect Between Spending and Implementation

Anticipating the risks of the emerging digital technology is the first step in IT risk management. While there was a 78% increase in IT security spending, data breaches did not slow down. There may be a few reasons for this disconnect: