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PRTS Intelligence (Process, Risk and Technology Solutions) provides operational, finance, and technology professionals with insights into topics related to cybersecurity, internal audit, regulatory compliance, digital solutions, and informational technology, including best practices and process transformation.

Articles April 22, 2020 What is Agile Auditing?

This article addresses the agile approach to audit and internal audit, focusing on individuals and interactions rather than processes and tools. Agile emphasizes an iterative structure that provides flexibility, efficiency, and increased transparenc…

Articles April 22, 2020 SHIELDing Private Information

This article addresses the SHIELD Act and organizations’ legal responsibilities to implement and maintain “reasonable safeguards” to protect the confidentiality, integrity and security of their clients’ private data.

Articles April 22, 2020 Multi-Factor Authentication: The Battle to Protect Accounts

One of the most popular methods of securing accounts and information from attackers is called multi-factor authentication. This article discusses its pros and cons, as well as the various forms it can take

Articles February 07, 2020 The Importance of Mitigating, Monitoring, and Managing Shadow IT Organizations

A discussion of ‘shadow IT’ -- computer programs, applications or other related protocols utilized within an entity without explicit organizational approval – and the regulatory, compliance, and financial risks that could result from this practice, a…

Articles February 07, 2020 California Consumer Privacy Act

A discussion of the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and its impact on companies’ responsibilities as they relate to collecting, using, sharing or selling their customers’ personal data.

Articles February 07, 2020 Business Continuity and Crisis Response: What Is Your Plan?

A discussion of the necessity for robust continuity and crisis response plans – reasons why, and steps to take.

Articles October 09, 2019 Emerging Technologies: Q&A with Jason Juliano, Managing Director and CEO, Aponia Data Solutions

A conversation with Jason Juliano of Aponia Data Solutions, regarding cloud solutions focused on data security, risk management and compliance

Articles October 08, 2019 Security Incident Response Plans

A discussion of the differences between and importance of Disaster recovery/business continuity plans and the equally essential security incident response plans (SIRPs).

Articles October 08, 2019 The Three Lines of Defense Model: Ready for a New Look?

Current best practices have organizational structures maturing to more agile and technology-driven solutions. Risk management frameworks must keep up with the speed of change, and this evolution has exposed some drawbacks to the traditional Three Lin…