EisnerAmper Launches Process, Risk and Technology Solutions

August 03, 2018

Firm Takes Lead in Addressing Emerging Risk Categories

From compliance to technology to operational risk, company leadership is constantly identifying challenges in assessing, preventing and mitigating the evolving threats that confront their companies daily. As such, EisnerAmper has launched a suite of Process, Risk and Technology Solutions to bridge the gap between a company's operational, financial and technological departments.

EisnerAmper professionals will apply leading-edge best practices and current public accounting standards to emerging risk categories through these service offerings:

  • Internal Audit & Regulatory Compliance – Increase the efficiency of active programs, modernize internal audit processes and procedures, and perform risk assessments to identify internal control gaps.
  • IT Risk & Cybersecurity – Methodically examine technology, operations, services, goals and objectives. Offer pragmatic solutions and an action plan to control risks surrounding security and privacy, financial processes and reporting, and business processes and compliance.
  • Digital Solutions, Process Transformation – Assess current processes and identify technology integration opportunities including artificial intelligence, robotics process automation, service with software and other emerging technologies.

“Our Process, Risk and Technology Solutions professionals are far more than IT advisors,” said national practice leader Jerry Ravi. “These industry experts will take a 360-degree view of a client’s risk-exposure points and provide a detailed roadmap to help them fortify and enhance their business and performance outcomes.”

Added partner Alan Frank: “Technologies and their associated risks are getting more sophisticated by the day. EisnerAmper’s Process, Risk and Technology Solutions will help companies cope with these dynamics so that they can devote their energies to growing their core businesses.” 

About Jerry Ravi

Jerry Ravi is a Partner and the National Practice Leader of EisnerAmper Digital. His focus is Enterprise Risk Management ERM and internal audit and compliance. He assists in designing enterprise risk management programs ERM which include deploying risk-based internal audit plans to enhance governance processes and monitor on-going compliance.

About Alan Frank

Alan Frank is a Partner within EisnerAmper Digital and leads the group's internal audit and consulting engagements. He provides consulting, internal audit, governance, risk, and compliance services to a variety of industries, and serves as the internal audit services leader.

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