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The Pulse of Private Equity - Spring 2011

This Report is part of an ongoing survey series and is designed to take the pulse of the private equity market in relation to earlier periods coupled with an outlook for the first half of 2011. Private equity executives were asked to comment on their firms’ activities over three distinct periods of time:

  • Looking back to Q1 2010
  • December 2010 through Q1 2011
    (Interviews were conducted from December 2, 2010 through March 23, 2011)
  • Outlook for 1H 2011

The 107 respondents, all from funds, were primarily general partners as well as managing, executive and other directors (62 percent). The other respondents were a cross-section of principals, CFOs, COOs and vice presidents, among other senior positions. Respondents were from a representative cross-section of firms (See Figure 1) which varied in size as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1: Breakdown of Survey Respondents By Type of Fund

Figure 2: Breakdown of Survey Respondents By Assets Under Management

100 percent of the respondents were from the U.S. with the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Connecticut corridor representing 47 percent of the responses.

The survey results were prepared by EisnerAmper LLP, and are presented with EisnerAmper’s observations of the private equity market, plus references to other third party data. While EisnerAmper believes the information to be from reliable sources, it should not be relied upon as or considered to be investment advice.

EisnerAmper ID uses proprietary market research conducted by EisnerAmper and leading market research firms, along with analysis from EisnerAmper’s partners, principals and directors to produce insightful articles, events and data designed to educate and stimulate discussion on the issues of most interest to business leaders today.

EisnerAmper ID Contact: Susan Wittner, Director of Marketing

Spring 2011

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