Private Business Podcasts

Our Private Business podcasts feature hot topics including taxation of e-commerce, employee vs. contractor and tax reform. EisnerAmper helps business owners meet pressing accounting, tax, and financial reporting issues as well as achieve their long-term financial goals.

Podcast August 19, 2020 State and Local Tax Issues Surrounding COVID-19

In this episode of “The Bottom Line,” Tim Schuster discusses some of the state and local tax (SALT) issues related to COVID-19.

Podcast July 06, 2020 My Trusted Business Advisor Is Retiring. What Should I Do?

Tim Schuster gives some helpful hints for when you find out your trusted business advisor is planning to retire.

Podcast July 01, 2020 Succession Planning Process: Leadership & Development

Matt Kerzner and Tim Schuster discuss leadership and development in the process for succession planning.

Podcast June 09, 2020 Human Resource Consulting – Four Items to Consider

In this podcast we discuss the four areas of focus when consulting on human resource matters.

Podcast May 29, 2020 EQ and Resilience - Building Our Emotional Muscle to Thrive in a New World

This podcast addresses some of the questions that leaders have posed and provides a few key pointers and valuable resources to support your personal and professional development.

Podcast May 29, 2020 Emotional Intelligence – What is it? Why is it Important Now?

In this podcast we talk about what emotional intelligence is, why it's such an important skill and how we can improve it. 

Podcast May 19, 2020 How to Implement a Reduction in Workforce

In this podcast we tackle this tough subject with compassionate advice and practical activities that any business owner or company leader can undertake to protect the business.

Podcast May 15, 2020 Business Planning During COVID-19

This episode covers how business owners can work with their trusted advisors to properly leverage the COVID-19 government stimulus programs.

Podcast May 12, 2020 Assessments and Their Use in Leadership Development

In this episode, we discuss the use of assessments in helping to develop leaders within a family business.