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Center for Individual and Organizational Performance

Podcast April 07, 2022 Maximizing the “Value” of a College Education

An interview on the importance of understanding the true cost of a college education and what options should parents and children consider when evaluating college choices?

Podcast January 05, 2022 Simple Assessments

In this podcast Natalie McVeigh, Managing Director in the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance, discusses Simple Assessments; DISC or MBTI, for example.

Podcast December 03, 2021 Emotional Intelligence Profile (EQP) Assessment

EQ is about 80% of our success in business. What is it? Why is it important? How do you measure it? We answer these questions and discuss how it relates to sustainable behavioral change.

Podcast November 17, 2021 Sibling Development

If you and your sibling group are going to inherit assets (business, family office, vacation home) you will need to create a different set of skills and behavioral patterns that do not occur by being born into a family. We'll discuss roles, relations…

Podcast November 11, 2021 Team Dynamics and Assessments

Some things to consider about teams and how assessments can be a tool to enhanced performance.

Podcast September 29, 2021 The Family Enterprise System

Matthew Kerzner and Natalie McVeigh talk through the system, some ways to navigate it changing as well as discuss some best practices for non-family members to be successful co-stewards.

Podcast April 21, 2021 Best Practices for Working from Home

Natalie McVeigh talks about operating efficiently in the new normal. Natalie provides current best practices for effectively working from home.

Podcast March 31, 2021 Advocacy Process: Personal Planning and Strategic Roadmap

Business owners have complexity in their lives in having to plan both for the success of their business as well as the success of their personal planning. The planning for the business and for the personal wealth are so inter-connected that they cann…

Podcast February 16, 2021 Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset in Turbulent Times

Dr. Matt Kerzner, Director with the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance, draws upon his 30+ years in the fields of strategy and HR to share best practices in these quickly changing times.

Podcast February 08, 2021 Expanding the Due Diligence Conversation When Investing in Manufacturing

Lisë Stewart interviews Barry Ramsay on manufacturing operation and how this can help investors to make a wise decision.

Podcast December 14, 2020 'Tis the Season for Giving

Join Lisë Stewart, Natalie McVeigh and JoAnne Geylin as they discuss some techniques to engage your family in learning and developing philanthropy.

Podcast December 02, 2020 Part 1: The Value of Assessments to Create Positive Change

Join Tim Schuster, Matt Kerzner and Natalie McVeigh from our Center for Individual and Organizational Performance as they discuss the value of assessments to create positive change.

Podcast December 02, 2020 Part 2: The Value of Assessments for Your Organization

Join Tim Schuster, Matt Kerzner and Natalie McVeigh from our Center for Individual and Organizational Performance as they discuss the value of assessments to create positive change.

Podcast December 01, 2020 The Importance of Using a Strategic Roadmap

EisnerAmper discusses the importance of and to set up a strategic roadmap for a business.

Podcast November 02, 2020 Sustainability and Durability for the Future: How to Support Growth, Encourage Succession, and Build Upon Your Entrepreneurial Success

In this brief podcast, Lisë Stewart and Natalie McVeigh share a few ideas to strengthen the business and lay the foundation for the next generation.

Podcast October 30, 2020 Boards and Private Equity: Best Practices for Success

Join Tami Davidman and Lisë Stewart as they provide a brief overview of the oversight that a board can provide and how a board of directors can help management effectively manage risk.

Podcast September 30, 2020 Planning for Real Estate Families

Join Lisa Knee and Lisë Stewart as they provide a brief overview of the importance of planning ahead and the ways in which this video series is designed to help you, as a business owner, to be fully prepared for your own success!

Podcast May 29, 2020 EQ and Resilience - Building Our Emotional Muscle to Thrive in a New World

This podcast addresses some of the questions that leaders have posed and provides a few key pointers and valuable resources to support your personal and professional development.

Podcast May 29, 2020 Emotional Intelligence – What is it? Why is it Important Now?

In this podcast we talk about what emotional intelligence is, why it's such an important skill and how we can improve it. 

Podcast May 19, 2020 How to Implement a Reduction in Workforce

In this podcast we tackle this tough subject with compassionate advice and practical activities that any business owner or company leader can undertake to protect the business.

Podcast May 12, 2020 Assessments and Their Use in Leadership Development

In this episode, we discuss the use of assessments in helping to develop leaders within a family business. 

Podcast April 13, 2020 The Neuroscience of the Job Interview

In this Friends of the Firm podcast, we discuss how understanding neuroscience and human behavior can lead to a successful job interview.

Podcast March 27, 2020 Keeping Mentally Fit During COVID-19

Natalie McVeigh talks about the mental impact of COVID-19.

Podcast March 24, 2020 Family Businesses in the Age of Coronavirus

Lisë Stewart discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the family business landscape.

Podcast March 15, 2018 What is a Family Council?

Lisë Stewart and Matt Kerzner discuss the value and purpose of creating a family council – including the structure, process and potential pitfalls and how they can be an effective way to help family businesses come together and do great things.

Podcast December 04, 2017 The Key Elements in Selling a Family Business

Listen to a candid conversation with host Brett Dearing, a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, and experienced professional Matthew Kerzner, from EisnerAmper, on issues surrounding the sale of family owned businesses.

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