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Podcast December 09, 2021 GRC Tech and How it Assists in Risk Oversight

In this podcast, Nina Kelleher and Jason Vik, directors in EisnerAmper Digital, to discuss what GRC tech is, some of the technologies that it includes, and how GRC tech can contribute to your organization’s overall growth strategy. 

Podcast March 23, 2021 Risk Mitigation for Law Firm Escrow and Trust Accounts

In this podcast Nina Kelleher, director in Process, Risk, and Technology Solutions, and Carolyn Dolci, partner and co-leader of the firm’s Law Firm Services Group, explore the risks law firms face with escrow and trust accounts and discuss proactive …

Podcast December 17, 2020 Enhancing Risk Management with Process Automation

EisnerAmper explores ways that robotics process automation (RPA) can be deployed to facilitate an effective Risk Management program.

Podcast December 15, 2020 Incorporating Cybersecurity Into Effective Risk Management

Continuing our series on Risk Management, EisnerAmper highlights how cybersecurity enhances effective risk management.

Podcast December 03, 2020 The Importance of Risk Management

Nina Kelleher and Ray Soriano discuss the rising frequency of regulatory fines and the importance of Risk Management.

Podcast January 10, 2019 The Marriott Cyber Attack – How You Can Protect Your Data

In this podcast, Deborah Friedland and Lena Licata discuss the massive data breach at Marriott International. Our experts examine what set the stage for a cyber attack, the type of data taken and by whom and what measures the hotel chain is taking.

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