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Friends of the Firm

Podcast October 06, 2020 The Power & Responsibility of a Leader: Practical Steps to Own Your Impact

Nkrumah Pierre, Director for EisnerAmper’s Friends of the Firm Program and leadership coach and strategist Raabia Shafi, discuss the opportunity to level up your personal leadership with practical self awareness.

Podcast October 06, 2020 The Power & Responsibility of a Leader: The Theory of Leadership

Nkrumah Pierre and leadership coach and strategist Raabia Shafi discuss how leaders set the tone for the culture of an organization and how you can take ownership of the way you impact your team and customers.

Podcast May 19, 2020 The Root of the term Network is Work: Best Practices for LinkedIn Users

Nkrumah Pierre and Alyssa Gelbard share their tips for making new connections on LinkedIn.

Podcast May 05, 2020 A Deep Dive of LinkedIn: Creating a Framework for a Positive Digital Impression

Nkrumah Pierre and Alyssa Gelbard provide a deep dive into designing an impactful LinkedIn profile and making a positive digital first impression.

Podcast April 13, 2020 The Neuroscience of the Job Interview

In this Friends of the Firm podcast, we discuss how understanding neuroscience and human behavior can lead to a successful job interview.

Podcast January 14, 2020 5 Networking Tips Anyone Can Use

Isabella Brilliant gives us her five proven tips for successful networking.

Podcast December 12, 2019 You’re Welcome to Send a Thank-You Note

In this Friends of the Firm podcast, we examine one of those little things that can make a big difference: the thank-you note. FOF Director and master connector Nkrumah Pierre shares his tied-and-true tips for what should be included in a thank-you n…

Podcast June 21, 2019 A Friend in Need – The EisnerAmper Friends of the Firm Program

In this inaugural podcast, EisnerAmper Director Nkrumah Pierre talks about an innovative program to match business and finance executives with career opportunities.

Podcast November 26, 2018 Utilizing Executive Search Firms

Matt Kerzner interviews both Nkrumah Pierre and Allen Geller on the importance of using an executive search firm to find the right executive for your organization, including EisnerAmper's Friends of the Firm referral service.

Podcast October 23, 2018 Introducing Non-Family Members into the C-Suite

In this episode of “Generations in Family Business”, Matt Kerzner, Nkrumah Pierre, and Tim Schuster discuss the importance of how family-owned organizations should prepare themselves for recruiting non-family members in to C-suite positions

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