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Health Care

Podcast March 07, 2022 Health Care Advances for Veterans

In this episode of Government Health Insights. Polar Genomics, a service disabled veteran owned small business, which develops evidence-based diagnostics and therapeutics for individuals who face higher risk for posttraumatic stress disorder, and oth…

Podcast February 21, 2022 Digital Services Innovation for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Robert and Dan discuss their inspiration for spearheading their business, the projects they are working to offer their services to veterans and lessons learned along the way.

Podcast February 07, 2022 Bridging the Gap Between the Private Sector & Department of Veterans Affairs

A discussion on how BJ Kraemer, Managing Principal, MCFA Global, got involved in the private sector space, including how he obtained his first VA contract, advice for his colleagues trying to partner with the government, and more.

Podcast January 26, 2022 Private Sector Innovation

In this inaugural episode of Government Health Insights, we discuss how the private sector can collaborate with the Department of Veterans Affairs and government agencies.

Podcast September 15, 2021 How One Entrepreneur Is Using Technology to Solve Health Care Challenges

In this episode of TechTalk, Dipty Desai, Ph.D. of Innovaccer, joins EisnerAmper host Amar Bhatkhande to discuss her journey as a researcher, entrepreneur, funder, and mentor where she uses technology to solve health care issues.

Podcast August 18, 2021 Disruption in Dentistry: Understanding In-House Dental Membership Plans

A discussion on what a dental membership plan is, how they can improve patient experience and make care more accessible, and the operational challenges that can be solved by providing an in-house plan.

Podcast August 05, 2021 Disruption in Dentistry: Creating Flexibility with Teledentistry and Mobile Dental Care

Melissa Turner breaks down teledentistry and mobile dental care and explains how they work individually and in tandem to create more flexibility and reach more patients in this discussion with EisnerAmper’s Erick Cutler.

Podcast July 28, 2021 Disruption in Dentistry: Using Artificial Intelligence in Dental Care

Erick Cutler speaks with Florian Hillen, Founder and CEO of VideaHealth, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning company created to improve the delivery of health care services for dentists, insurers, and patients.

Podcast June 01, 2021 What’s Next? Proposed E/M Rule Changes for 2023

Nancy Clark, Senior Manager for the Health Care Consulting Group, outlines what is known so far about a major overhaul in coding for other Evaluation and Management services, proposed for 2023. While we don’t have a great amount of detail yet, here’s…

Podcast May 18, 2021 Boots on the Ground – E/M 2021 Implementation

A few months into E/M coding changes and implementation, Nancy Clark checks on how it’s going. Here’s what she’s seeing in physician practices, what went right, and what the pitfalls are.

Podcast May 04, 2021 Deeper Dive on 2021 E/M Changes

Nancy Clark continues our E/M Coding conversation. Hear more details on what has changed, what was eliminated, and what the most important takeaways are.

Podcast April 20, 2021 2021 E/M Coding Changes Overview

The 2021 Evaluation and Management guideline and code changes, effective January 1, 2021, were the first major shake-up to coding in many years. Nancy Clark discusses why the change was made now, what providers should be concerned about, and how a pr…

Podcast June 10, 2020 Telehealth Is Here to Stay

Bert Orlov talks about the vital role of telehealth in the current health care environment.

Podcast June 09, 2020 Key Steps to Restarting Physician Practices

In this podcast we discuss the key steps in restarting physician practices post-pandemic.

Podcast April 19, 2017 When Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions Flatline

An advisor of EisnerAmper’s Health Care Services Group talks about health care mergers and acquisitions that don’t make it to the finish line.

Podcast January 30, 2017 Giving Financial First Aid to an Ailing Health Care Company

Steven Bisciello talks about the challenges a health care organization faces that could adversely impact its bottom line, giving an example of how using the proper accounting and financial triage can nurse a health care organization back to health.

Podcast January 05, 2017 Is Health Care at a Crossroads? Part 1

Part 1 of this interview tells us about what impact the new administration may have on health care, including where insurance companies do business, and what financial issues are top-of-mind for physicians and hospital administrators.

Podcast January 05, 2017 Is Health Care at a Crossroads? Part 2

This second part of our interview looks at consolidation in the health care sector, concerns about patient information and data security, and how being a business and financial advisor to health care professionals is a specialty unto itself.

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