In this real estate development podcast, technology and smart environments is discussed.

Veteran NYC Real Estate Developers Talk to EisnerAmper: Part 2


In this second part of our real estate development podcast, Lisa Knee, an EisnerAmper tax partner, talks to veteran NYC real estate developers, Daren Horning of Hornig Capital and Chris Schlank of Savanna. The key discussion areas in this half of the podcast are the effect on public transportation on a property’s worth, the balance of catering to tenants, and what makes a great overall property. They also discuss technology – how every generation is now expecting some sort of smart working, smart environment – and how they incorporating the new must-haves within properties.


Lisa Knee: Welcome to part two of our real estate podcast with Daren and Chris.

Chris Schlank: And I’ll say one thing about emerging markets in the boroughs. You know, we’re in Long Island City, we own the City Court building, which is right on top of transportation. We just bought the Falchi building, which is relatively good transportationally served. But when you start pushing out, and you look at deals like 95 Evergreen and Bushwick, although that’s pretty well served by the JMZ, and the L, which is now going to be the L no more.

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Veteran NYC real estate developers talk to EisnerAmper. Lisa Knee, tax partner at EisnerAmper, discusses east coast real estate with Daren Hornig from Hornig Capital and Chris Schlank from Savanna. Their firms are involved in several real estate deals together in New York.

About Lisa Knee

Lisa Knee is a Tax Partner and Co-Leader of the national Real Estate practice and leader for the national Real Estate Private Equity Group with expertise in the hotel, real estate, financial services, aviation and restaurant sectors and is a member of AICPA, New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants and the New York State Bar Association.

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