New Yorkers can prepay their property taxes early, according to Governor Cuomo’s Plan, by contacting their mortgage holder about tax deductions.

How New Yorkers Can Prepay Their Property Taxes


Tim Speiss, Partner-in-Charge of EisnerAmper’s Personal Wealth Advisors Group, discusses on how New Yorkers can prepay their property taxes early, according to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tax plan.


Host: Looking to prepay those property taxes as a result of changes in the tax overhaul plan? Tim Speiss is the partner-in-charge of EisnerAmper’s Personal Wealth Advisors Group. He joins us now. Tim, thanks so much for being with us. I guess you’ve got a lot of people calling you to ask, “how do you do this?” So go ahead, tell everybody, how do you do this?

Tim Speiss:

Well, if we’re in New York, which many of your listeners are, many of the municipalities and counties have already been posting warrants, and that’s really the magic here. Warrants need to be posted on websites, to be posted a liability. And that needs to happen in order for taxpayers to first pay taxes this month, but then have it recognized as a bona fide payment. And I have a short list of counties and where they are with respect to this in New York. I mean Westchester is an outlier at the moment. Westchester is asserting it doesn’t have time to do it. But with the executive order of last week that’s exactly what the Governor wants the county to do. The executive order state of emergency was intended to have those municipalities and counties post those warrants.

Timothy Speiss is Co-Leader of EisnerAmper's Personal Wealth Advisors Group and Vice President of EisnerAmper Wealth Planning LLC. He chairs our Asia Practice and is a member of the firm’s community service group, EisnerAmper Cares.

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