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Articles February 28, 2018 The Evolving Regulatory Framework: Are Virtual Currencies Securities or Commodities?

Regulators continue to grapple with how to oversee blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. Financial services firms will need to consult legal counsel to determine whether their activities implicate securities laws.

Articles February 28, 2018 Private Equity Expense Allocations

The SEC has shined a light on how private equity fund managers are treating direct and allocated expenses. Due to these recent SEC orders, private equity managers should revisit their existing best practices methodologies and compliance manuals.

Articles February 23, 2018 The Benefits of Establishing Fund Management Companies in Singapore

Singapore is a global innovation hub and ranked as the most innovative economy in Asia, and 7th in the world. Globally, Singapore is also ranked 4th by the Global Financial Centres Index 22. Here are the key benefits of a Singapore fund management c…

Articles February 23, 2018 Alternative Investment Industry Outlook for Q1 and Beyond in 2018

Following a positive 2017 for both hedge funds and private equity, investors globally, including various institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals, are on track to continue allocating to alternative investments this year.

Articles February 23, 2018 Limitation on the Deductibility of Net Interest Expense

One of the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that may have a profound impact on the world of finance is the far reaching limitation on the deductibility of net interest expense (IRC 163(j)). The new limitation applies much more broadly.

Articles October 19, 2017 Alternative Investment Industry Outlook for Q4 and Early 2018

Following sustained interest in hedge funds , the industry experienced an uptick in new fund launches during the quarter. And further, not surprisingly, the demand for lower fees amongst LPs continues to be the new norm.

Articles October 19, 2017 The Rise of Cryptocurrencies: Considerations from an Audit, Tax, and Regulatory Perspective

Bitcoin, and other similar digital currencies, have exploded in popularity over the last few years. These new currencies present many opportunities, risks and challenges for companies. What kind of audit, tax, and regulatory concerns should compani…

Articles October 16, 2017 U.S. International Income Tax Considerations and the Tax Traps for Family Offices

A family office may be organized as a trust, partnership, corporation or a combination of all and have family members who are U.S. citizens, residents or non-residents. Family offices have a myriad of international tax considerations to contend with.

Articles October 16, 2017 What U.S. Fund Managers Need To Know about Year-End Financial Reporting for Their Irish Domiciled Funds

This article provides an overview of the changes in financial reporting and regulatory compliance requirements and provides U.S. fund managers with practical information about year-end financial reporting for their Irish domiciled funds.