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Articles February 15, 2019 Q1 2019 - What Are the Top Three Things U.S. Asset Managers Should Be Doing to Prepare for Brexit?

With Brexit looming, U.S. asset managers should be preparing themselves for an overhaul in the way U.K. and E.U. regulation and legislation affects their future. Brexit may change the course for all funds and managers looking to do business in the U.…

Articles November 14, 2018 Alternative Investment Industry Outlook for Q4 and Beyond

Institutional investors and family offices alike are on track to continue allocating to various alternative asset classes for the remainder of this year into next. Managers, particularly in hedge funds, are lowering management fees and boosting incen…

Articles November 14, 2018 Innocent Until Proven GILTI – Not Anymore: The New Global Intangible Low Taxed Income Regime

The GILTI regime introduces new terms and complex calculations. GILTI and the old way of structuring for efficient tax purposes may no longer work. Let's discuss GILTI 'net CFC tested income' for the tax year and 'net deemed tangible income return' f…

Articles November 13, 2018 Disruption: Fintech Companies and Lending Activities

In July, the OCC announced they will begin accepting applications from non-depository fintech companies engaged in lending activities. This charter would allow fintech firms to operate under a single federal license and compete with traditional bank…

Articles November 13, 2018 AICPA Issues Draft Guidance on Valuing Equity Interests Within Complex Capital Structures

The AICPA has issued guidance on valuing equity interests within complex capital structures. Four methods are generally utilized to value equity interests for companies with complex capital structures. Here are the strengths and weaknesses and the ci…

Articles October 04, 2018 Asset Management Update: FASB Modifies Fair Value Disclosure Requirements

The recent FASB update is part of a larger disclosure framework project intended to improve the effectiveness of financial statement footnote disclosure. ASU 2018-13 modifies required fair value disclosures related primarily to level 3 investments.

Articles July 24, 2018 Current Fund Terms for Small/Emerging Managers

The capital raising environment for emerging managers remains challenging. In order to compete with established managers with successful track records, emerging managers continue to offer special terms to incentivize investors to invest with them.

Articles July 24, 2018 How Has MiFID II Affected U.S. Managers?

As with most non-U.S. regulations, the impact of MiFID II largely depends on the level of contact or interaction the U.S. manager has with the E.U. For those that are subject to the full MiFID II obligations, the cost of these changes is only just co…

Articles July 24, 2018 Alternative Investment Industry Outlook for Q3 and Beyond

With investors more satisfied overall with hedge fund performance, coupled with a few billion-dollar-plus launches, the industry is anticipated to receive substantial inflows. Here's an overview of the investor outlook and launch trends.