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Articles January 17, 2017 Vehicle Quality is Rising - and You Can Benefit

Given the strong correlation between initial vehicle quality and customer loyalty, dealerships should look for opportunities to turn high levels of quality and loyalty into more repeat business. Here's how.

Articles January 17, 2017 8 Tips for Containing Unemployment Taxes

Unemployment tax rates for employers vary from state to state and, typically, the more claims made against your dealership, the higher your premiums climb. Here are several best practices you can follow to keep the lid on employment taxes.

Articles January 17, 2017 Could Your Dealership Benefit from Sustainability Reporting?

According to the Governance & Accountability Institute, more than 4 out of 5 S&P 500 companies issued sustainability reports in 2015. What is sustainability reporting and what are the benefits?

Articles January 16, 2017 A Ransomware Cyberattack Could Hit Your Dealership

What would you do if all the data on your dealership’s computers were locked up and held for ransom? Unfortunately, this is exactly what’s happening to businesses all over the country, including dealerships.

Articles November 03, 2016 Guard Your Margins to Boost Vehicle Profits

Profits for dealerships are at an all-time high but the average dealership net profit margin has remained flat for the past five years. One of the biggest challenges faced by many dealerships today is the transparency of vehicle pricing.

Articles November 03, 2016 The Pros and Cons of Using LIFO Accounting

One of the most effective ways for dealerships to lower income taxes is by adopting LIFO accounting. If you've dismissed the idea of using LIFO accounting in the past, it doesn’t hurt to reconsider the benefits of this approach.

Articles November 03, 2016 Management Assessment: 360-degree Reviews Reveal the Big Picture

The end of the calendar year is a fine time to review your employees’ performance. Thoughtful assessments of their successes and shortcomings in the past 12 months will help you provide constructive feedback as you head into the New Year.

Articles November 03, 2016 Could Your Dealership Benefit from Captive Insurance?

If your dealership offers health insurance benefits, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a climb in premium costs. Rising premiums have left many dealerships with difficult choices about whether to continue to offer this important employee benefit.

Articles September 12, 2016 Valuable Hiring Tax Credit Extended Through 2019

Thanks to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit is now available through the end of 2019. Here are the groups that qualify and the money you can save.