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Articles March 27, 2017 Addressing Medical Device Security

More than half the medical devices sold in America rely on software, and over 10-million Americans use life-saving medical devices such as pacemakers and infusion pumps. If these devices could be tampered with, it could mean disaster for patients.

Articles March 27, 2017 Insurance for Life Sciences and Biotech Companies

The biotech and life science sectors require some of the most specialized insurance of any industry, due to the sector’s business model and product development processes. John Morel and Jerry Middleton discuss the intricacies of biotech insurance.

Articles December 14, 2016 Women in Biotech

Thanks to the assistance of Mary Howard, Program Manager at ELabNYC, Catalyst was able to speak with several women with varying backgrounds to find out what they are up to and get their take on the environment for women in the biotech sector.

Articles December 14, 2016 What Can Biotech Expect from the New Administration?

During the first week after Election Day, various biotech indices were up more than 10%. Many analysts were proclaiming this a new golden era for the sector. But is this temporary or a long-term, sustainable harbinger of things to come for biotechs?

Articles October 03, 2016 Should Biotechs Consider a Reverse Merger?

When performed with the proper care and due diligence, reverse mergers can offer biotech firms a variety of benefits. Consider the following...

Articles June 27, 2016 Biotech's Quest for Real Estate

The good news: There has never been a better time to be in the biotech sector. The bad news: There is simply not enough workspace to meet the burgeoning demand.

Articles June 16, 2016 Using Social Media to Bring Life to Life Sciences

For a long time, the life sciences sector shied away from social media. And while their reasons were plausible, they have since embraced social media. In fact, many life science companies have some of the most engaging, successful programs around.

Articles July 22, 2015 Catalyst - Summer 2015 - Celmatix's Game Changing Fertility Diagnostic Tools Allow Women to Watch Their Own Unique Biology Clock

A Biotech Startup to Watch, Celmatix's fertility diagnostic tools allow women to watch their own unique biology clock. Nova and Polaris provide couples with a personalized road map that plots their fertility journey.

Articles April 10, 2015 Catalyst - Spring 2015 - Matching Ideas with Unmet Needs

Interview with Joseph Scaduto, founder and CEO of Traverse Biosciences Inc. Creating a successful biotech startup is helped by having a partner with business acumen. Support for biotech startups with the Bioentrepreneur-in-Residence program at Stony…