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Articles January 01, 2022 Fundraising Trends for Life Science Companies

When discussing the trends of the past almost two years, the one constant that people seem to rely on is science. This article examines investment activity specific to the life sciences industry, especially the surge in initial public offerings (IPOs…

Articles January 01, 2022 Fundraising Trends for Technology Companies: Outlook for 2022

A look at venture capital and private equity activity specific to technology companies for 2021, as well as what’s anticipated for 2022.

Articles September 10, 2021 Life After Your First Private Equity/Growth Capital Investment

Congratulations: You’ve gained significant investment in your company. But now what?

Articles August 27, 2021 Life After Going Public

You did it; your company’s stock is now being publicly traded. This article takes a look at what that means for founders, executives and employees of the business.

Articles August 25, 2021 How Does Completing a Venture Round Change a Company?

Completing an initial venture capital (VC) funding round is a huge milestone – this article examines how this can impact any number of processes, including product development and talent procurement, as well as ordinary working capital purposes.

Articles May 21, 2021 Converting Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Once an entrepreneur has secured their intellectual property (IP) and received that first round of funding, they have to strategize how to convert it into a fundable business.

Articles May 21, 2021 Funding Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Following the securitization of IP, an entrepreneur has to seek funding sources in order to monetize that IP (whether that’s by commercialization or sale).

Articles May 19, 2021 Securing Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property is a work or invention and the person or people who create it (or their employer) has the rights to it. This article examines the process for securing those rights.

Articles January 08, 2021 Reflecting on 2020, The Year of the IPO?

2020 will be remembered as the year the term “work from home” reached a new level. Yet through it all, a vaccine for COVID-19 got started, tested and finalized within a calendar year—demonstrating the appetite for investors believing in science and g…