Letter N: Turning Pro, Waiting for the Draft, Just Been Drafted

The letter ‘N’ starts more than National League or Conference when you talking sports.

Have you considered:

Nervous – Before the game starts; before making decisions in career and life – it’s okay.

Nuptual – Everything is a marriage: to your wife, to your team, to your advisors.

Negotiable – Your contracts: as a player, for your endorsements, for your home.

Nightmare – okay on Elm Street; not in your career or life.

Negligent – What you are if you don’t stay involved and participate.

Noticed – What you want to be for your on-field performance, for charity and for family.

Naked - Lacking protection on the field; not what you want to be in the game or in your life.

This is why you Need the right support teams so you can rely on your teammates, financial advisor, agent and attorney.

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