Mobile Device Management Solutions

EisnerAmper provides cutting edge Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) solutions to maintain security, reduce costs and ensure compliance with corporate or government guidelines. EisnerAmper provides a full suite of MDM IT solutions including consulting, threat assessments, SaaS and managed services to help our customers solve the latest IT Consulting challenges.

The quantity and variety of mobile devices connecting to corporate networks is growing rapidly. IPads, Smart Phones, Android Tablets and Notebook Computers are rapidly becoming a fixture in corporate culture. The mobile computing trend, however is posing a new and unpredictable threat to network security and data protection. How do you protect your corporate networks from these new devices? What if the devices are not your employees but gain access to your networks? Think of every guest or delivery agent that enters your building as having a hand held hacking device. Security measures are needed now more than ever to have mobility Device Management Solutions.

Not only are companies faced with finding the right Mobile Device Management Solution, there are also a growing number of delivery options for Mobile Device Management Software Service. Not only is it a challenge to keep up with the latest devices for your organization, but also the devices your employees are bringing into the office on their own. IT departments around the country are facing growing challenges with mobility management of devices in the workplace.

EisnerAmper’s Suite of Mobile Device Management Services:

  • Consulting: EisnerAmper’s expert consultants can help you define the threat, institute corporate and IT MDM policy for your internal IT Support
  • SaaS:  EisnerAmper offers a range of mobile device managementsolutions delivered seamlessly on our SaaS platform.
  • Fully Managed: EisnerAmper can remove the burden of managing your mobile workforce via Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management.