Marta Voda

  • Senior Human Resource Strategist, Eisner Advisory Group LLC


Marta Voda is a Senior Human Resource Strategist and leader of the firm’s HR Outsourced Services Group. With 20 years of experience in HR leadership, Marta has deep expertise in human resource management, people operations, compliance, recruiting, and employee development. In addition, she provides strategic solutions to help organizations achieve their people and performance goals across various industries. A trusted advisor to her clients, Marta primarily focuses on startups, small to medium private businesses, and public companies.

Marta's career spans across numerous human resources functions. From attracting, retaining, and cultivating diverse talent to harnessing the power of data, culture, and technology, she is skilled at developing and implementing effective strategies that enhance performance and propel business growth. She is proficient in creating collaborative people experiences through curiosity and creative thinking based on data-driven insights and leading teams through growth and changes with learning, coaching, and altruism.

Prior to joining the firm, Marta was the Vice President of Talent Acquisition and People at a HR and talent strategy firm specializing in fractional leadership, executive search, and consulting. In this role, she primarily served midsized companies in the post-startup phase improve their recruiting and hiring process.

Furthermore, Marta is a contributing author for leading publications and frequently writes relevant, insightful content focused on human resource management strategies.

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