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Our Manufacturing and Distribution newsletter offers insights, data, and other critical information for owners, executives, and leaders of companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Current topics include Cannabis, ASC 842, R&D Tax Credit Opportunities.

Articles September 30, 2019 A Manufacturing & Distribution Owner’s Dilemma: Do I Sell or Do I Grow?

Investment in growth, merger and acquisition activity, cashing in: all viable options. In today’s economy, standing still is not an option.

Articles September 24, 2019 State Tax Changes Impact M&D

Wayfair, GILTI/FDII, combined reporting: A look at the major state tax issues affecting M&D companies.

Articles September 24, 2019 EisnerAmper Q&A with Michael Corridon, CFO, Strato, Inc.

A conversation with the CFO of Strato, Inc., a privately held company that designs, manufactures and engineers products for the railroad industry, where we discuss the importance of staying on top of ALL the external issues that impact a company.

Articles September 24, 2019 Preparing for Sale – Financial Due Diligence

Proper and timely planning and preparation for the “sell-side” process is critical to consummating a successful, timely, and fairly-priced transaction.

Articles September 24, 2019 M&D Migrates to RPA Implementation

A discussion of the ways robotics process automation can improve companies involved in manufacturing and distribution.

Articles June 10, 2019 EisnerAmper Q&A with Arnold Kamler, CEO, Kent International

EisnerAmper spoke to Arnold Kamler, CEO of Kent International, an American bicycle supplier, and discussed it's company and how it has been influential in importing bikes from China, bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., adjusting to Chinese tarif…

Articles June 06, 2019 R&D Tax Credit Opportunities

The article offers insight into some of the key considerations taxpayers should be evaluating regarding the R&D tax credit opportunities. Manufacturing companies can claim credits for research and development (R&D) activities including new product d…

Articles June 05, 2019 Cannabis - Not a Weed Anymore

Cannabis business can only take inventory deductions. A Tax Court case defined the costs that can even go into inventory expense. This decreases the EBITDA of cannabis businesses. Hemp is no longer a Schedule 1 substance so hemp businesses are not (s…

Articles June 05, 2019 ASC 842: Accounting for Leases

ASC 842 defines a lease as a contract, which conveys the right to control the use of identified property, plant, or equipment for a period of time in exchange for consideration.