What Mangano’s Re-Election Means

The recent re-election of County Executive Ed Mangano has several implications for businesses in Nassau County. Four initial observations: 

  • Mangano ran on a platform of not having raised county taxes and the pledge to continue to hold the line. The margin of victory was much larger than anticipated and may well have delivered the message that taxpayers not only want no increase, but reductions. 
  • The county assessment system was highlighted by his opponent, former County Executive Tom Suozzi, as defective and in need of a complete overhaul. As such, the topic of assessment and taxes may fill the agenda for the next year and any changes can affect businesses if the assessment methodology changes -- especially regarding commercial properties.
  • Mangano highlighted his use of public-private partnerships to improve economic conditions, citing the Nassau Coliseum project as an example. Since this seems to be a growing trend (and one that is encouraged statewide), look for similar outreach to businesses in the future.
  • A priority for Mangano is jobs and rebuilding from the damage that SuperStorm Sandy caused. Again this could provide more opportunities for businesses and jobs in construction as the county receives more federal and state aid to rebuild the South Shore.
  • The use of outsourcing services by businesses could be accelerated as county revenues are constrained while services need to be provided on a more cost effective basis. This would allow for reducing government payrolls through various means.

Congratulations to Ed and no matter what your party affiliations may be, let’s all wish him and his new administration the very best.


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