Managed Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is a no longer simply a technology issue and no company is immune from such possible threats. From hacking of your customers’ personal information to government programs and businesses, the news is full of stories of victim of attacks, including middle-market and small companies who felt they were too small to be professionally targeted.

Through EisnerAmper Risk Solutions LLC, our managed securities services offerings give clients the appropriate tools to fend off such breaches, as well as determine appropriate remediation steps if unfortunate incidents occur.

Our managed security services team puts our clients first, creating customized plans that best satisfy your requirements. Our experts collect data from your devices, analyze activity and identify vulnerabilities in real time, thus allowing for quick response and action.

In conjunction with Cloud Access, we use the following solutions:

  • Cloud Logger and Cloud SIEM effectively neutralize threats and suspect behavior with proactive intelligence. Our integrated SIEM/ Log Management fortifies your security, provides 24/7 live analysis, maintains compliance and costs less.

  • CloudAccess’ CloudSIEM evens the odds against the exponential threat landscape by combining SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) and Log Management functionality into one affordable solution.

We provide security and risk analysts who are responsive and take ownership to assist your company in addressing vulnerabilities. We give you the option to purchase our customized services a la carte in order best suit your needs, rather than buying one much more expensive solution geared toward large enterprises. 

Cybersecurity is only as good as the information and people that stand behind the work – we are dedicated to keeping your company and customer information protected.