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Articles April 17, 2020 Can Tokenization Fix the Secondary IPO Market?

Through the rise in blockchain technology, tokenization may offer a means to add liquidity and trust to this marketplace while also affording different types of investors opportunities to buy into private companies early in their respective lifecycl…

Articles April 14, 2020 Elevate Business Processes with Robotics Process Automation

Robotics process automation (RPA) continues to play an important role in the digital transformation taking place throughout the business world, particularly in the areas of risk management and business processes.

Articles April 14, 2020 Additive Manufacturing: Considerations and Risk

As a company considers additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, to produce an entire product or a component of a product, it will certainly consider the manufacturing considerations such as cost, functionality, and material specifications. …

Articles January 22, 2020 How 2019 FinTech Trends May Have Laid the Groundwork for Another Roaring Twenties

A discussion of the current state of fintech as it became ever more evident that the financial industry is destined to become an amalgamation of finance and technology.

Articles January 22, 2020 A Look into Biotech and Data

A discussion of bioinformatics and computational biology, relevant developments, and the outlook for each.

Articles March 27, 2018 3D Printing Puts the "Tech" in Biotech

The 3D printing industry is estimated to grow to approximately $6 billion by 2024. Prosthetics, knee and hip replacements, implants, hearing aids, tissue and medicines are expected to drive 3D-printed biotech products.

Articles March 27, 2018 Four Gross-to-Net Pitfalls to Avoid

Companies should also develop detailed analytics to understand trends and the magnitude and appropriateness of customer pricing adjustments. The most successful companies use a combination of in-house technology and third-party resources.

Articles December 18, 2017 Words of Wisdom from a Biotech M&A Pro

Life science companies pursue strategic transactions in several forms, primarily to access various types of capital necessary to effectively compete in the global biopharmaceutical sector. Why are strategic acquisitions popular with life science comp…

Articles September 29, 2017 Can Biotechs Use a Virtual Model to Combat R&D Costs?

Biotech companies are looking for innovative ways to curtail some of the heavy R&D financial burden. The virtual company model presents a potential avenue for biotechs to mitigate some of these enormous costs.