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Articles March 27, 2018 3D Printing Puts the "Tech" in Biotech

The 3D printing industry is estimated to grow to approximately $6 billion by 2024. Prosthetics, knee and hip replacements, implants, hearing aids, tissue and medicines are expected to drive 3D-printed biotech products.

Articles March 27, 2018 Four Gross-to-Net Pitfalls to Avoid

Companies should also develop detailed analytics to understand trends and the magnitude and appropriateness of customer pricing adjustments. The most successful companies use a combination of in-house technology and third-party resources.

Articles December 18, 2017 Words of Wisdom from a Biotech M&A Pro

Life science companies pursue strategic transactions in several forms, primarily to access various types of capital necessary to effectively compete in the global biopharmaceutical sector. Why are strategic acquisitions popular with life science comp…

Articles September 29, 2017 Can Biotechs Use a Virtual Model to Combat R&D Costs?

Biotech companies are looking for innovative ways to curtail some of the heavy R&D financial burden. The virtual company model presents a potential avenue for biotechs to mitigate some of these enormous costs.

Articles September 29, 2017 How Life Science Companies Can Benefit from the R&D Tax Credit Now

The PATH Act included various changes to the R&D credit related to payroll taxes and the alternative minimum tax (AMT) that are tremendously beneficial for biotech firms - particularly start-ups and small businesses.

Articles June 12, 2017 The Financial Impact of Biotech Product Launch Delays, and the Consequences of Not Having a Bridging Strategy

Proper management of product launches is essential to minimize negative financial impacts. Successfully developing and implementing a bridging strategy can lead to increased coordination efforts.

Articles June 12, 2017 Is Biotech Globalization Worth the Investment?

For U.S.-based biotech companies, the question is does globalization still make sense? The life science industry is already facing numerous challenges, including varying regulatory and pricing pressures throughout the world.

Articles March 27, 2017 Addressing Medical Device Security

More than half the medical devices sold in America rely on software, and over 10-million Americans use life-saving medical devices such as pacemakers and infusion pumps. If these devices could be tampered with, it could mean disaster for patients.

Articles March 27, 2017 Insurance for Life Sciences and Biotech Companies

The biotech and life science sectors require some of the most specialized insurance of any industry, due to the sector’s business model and product development processes. John Morel and Jerry Middleton discuss the intricacies of biotech insurance.