Interview: Jayson Lemberg of Pioneer Acquisitions: Part 2


In this podcast, EisnerAmper’s Dave Plaskow and Jayson Lemberg, Principal at Pioneer Acquisitions, discuss what amenities and social opportunities renters in the real estate market find desirable as well as ways that real estate developers and property managers can integrate technology, aesthetics and a sense of social connection between tenants, as they develop their properties. Dave and Jayson also discuss some of the challenges that affect the real estate industry, both in the national political arena and on a state and city level, and give tips on what to look for in selecting trusted professional advisors. 


Dave Plaskow: Welcome to part 2 of my interview with Jayson Lemberg of Pioneer Acquisitions. You touched on it earlier, and we talked little bit about generational issues. How important is an aesthetic to clients? Is it that important? Is it functionality? Is there a design aesthetic that people are looking for? What do you look for in terms of that?

Jayson Lemberg: I think it’s a combination of both. Aesthetics are very important. By way of background, the types of building that we acquire is vintage, generally 1920’s and 1950’s era buildings, so there’s a certain character that’s inherent in those properties and we like to retain that character. But we also want to meet the tastes of today’s renters, so, in terms of our upgrades, kitchens, bathrooms.

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