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Webinars | Webcasts April 28, 2020 On-Demand Webinar: WFH--Leading a Remote Team

EisnerAmper discusses best practices to help leaders engage with their teams, inspire commitment and help remote workers continue to connect with our mission and metrics.

Webinars | Webcasts April 28, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: Fundraising in the Cloud

EisnerAmper was joined by three New York-based nonprofits during this webinar. We discussed their experiences over the last few weeks; how their organizations are handling this “new normal;" and what they’ve learned so far.

Webinars | Webcasts April 27, 2020 On-Demand Webinar: Individual Tax Planning in a New Era--Key Provisions Regarding the SECURE Act & CARES Act in the Wake of COVID-19

EisnerAmper discussed the various tax planning impacts of the SECURE Act and CARES Act on individuals while providing clarity and tips on how you can practically move forward during these unprecedented times.

Webinars | Webcasts April 23, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: CARES Act--Practical Insights and Strategies

EisnerAmper team discusses what is in the COVID-19 Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and offered practical guidance on navigating some of the complexities of the lending facilities and tax provisions in the CARES Act.

Webinars | Webcasts April 20, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: Family Matters--Actions Families and Closely-Held Businesses Can Take During COVID-19

We are all looking for ways to act and react as we address COVID-19 and its effect on our economy. In this webcast, EisnerAmper discussed the unique set of challenges families and closely-held businesses face.

Webinars | Webcasts April 10, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: Managing from Afar--Best Practices for Overseeing Remote Staff

EisnerAmper discusses how managing a remote workforce under the COVID-19 transition adds more complexity to an already challenging situation. In this webinar,we share best practices to help leaders engage with their teams, inspire commitment and help…

Webinars | Webcasts April 09, 2020 On-Demand Webinar: WFH--Small Changes That Make A Difference

This webinar will offer data management tips and virtual advice so you can make the most of working from home.

Webinars | Webcasts April 03, 2020 On-Demand Webinar: Real Estate Market Update--Impact of the CARES Act and other Government Stimulus Programs (Part II)

Our speakers discussed the elements of the CARES Act, which apply to real estate companies, including employer and self-employment payroll taxes, payroll protection loan provisions, business interest expense limitations, net operating loss rules, los…

Webinars | Webcasts April 02, 2020 On-Demand Webinar: CARES Act Tax Insights

EisnerAmper discussed the tax implications of the CARES Act. We will cover practical matters such as deferred filing and payment deadlines. We will also review net operating losses carrybacks, real estate implications, corporate AMT relief and more.