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Videos | Webinars May 15, 2019 Strategic Roadmap: Individual Actions

Once you developed your mission, vision, values, goals and objectives it will be important that each employee developed their own individual actions to help the organization move in the desired direction.

Videos | Webinars May 15, 2019 Strategic Roadmap: Initiatives & Projects

When looking at initiatives and projects it's very important to understand what is in scope and out of scope of the project and to identify all the resources that are needed to make this initiative successful.

Videos | Webinars May 15, 2019 Strategic Roadmap: Strategies and Measures

This part of the Strategic Roadmap podcast series continues with strategies and measures. There are three major strategies that an organization should concentrate including business development, operating efficiency and bench strength.

Videos | Webinars May 15, 2019 Strategic Roadmap: Objectives & Goals

It is very important for the organization to really think through the objectives and goals that they would like to accomplish. The SMART model should be implemented to help develop those goals - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timefram…

Videos | Webinars May 15, 2019 Strategic Roadmap: Core Values

Core values are what an organization believes in. When an organization puts core values together it can help all employees understand what they need to believe in to all be working in the same direction.

Videos | Webinars May 15, 2019 Strategic Roadmap: Vision

The vision for an organization is what we want to be when we grow up. It's a very strategic statement that will let the employees know that this is the direction of the organization and what we want to be one year three years and five years from now.

Videos | Webinars May 08, 2019 Webinar: Optimizing Patient Revenue

This webinar will explain the issues facing revenue cycle and patient responsibility along with new technologies (EA-Collect) that help alleviate those issues.

Videos | Webinars May 06, 2019 Creating a Business Advisory Board for Family-owned and Closely-held Businesses

Have you ever considered an advisory board? Here are four things that you can do to ensure your board is there to help you to increase the value of your business to make sure you can leave the legacy behind that’s important to you.

Videos | Webinars May 01, 2019 Webinar: New Qualified Opportunity Zone Guidance Released

During this webinar, EisnerAmper's tax specialists will focus on how the latest proposed regulations impact investing in the O-Zone.