Videos February 21, 2020 What is the Future of Nexus?

Save you a lot of time, grief and money by knowing your Nexus tax exposure. You need to consider not just your sales tax footprint, but where you're filing things such as income taxes and franchise taxes as well.

Videos February 21, 2020 How Should Companies Manage Wayfair Changes?

A discussion on how companies should manage Wayfair changes including understanding their Nexus footprint, sales tax and your revenue streams and the taxability of them.

Videos February 19, 2020 Blockchain: Current and Evolving Applications and the Developing Regulatory Landscape

This video covers valuable information relating to blockchain technology, the range of its applications, and the laws influencing its course.

Articles February 10, 2020 Tim Speiss Talks Smart Retirement and Tax Strategies on Yahoo Finance

Timothy Speiss, was a guest on Yahoo Finance discussing the pros and cons of an IRA versus a Roth retirement account.

Videos January 31, 2020 Basic Requirements of a Government Accounting System

This video from our series Determining Overhead Rates in Government Contracts begins with a primer on government contracting terminology and government contract types before discussing the basic requirements of a government accounting system.

Videos January 31, 2020 Proper Cost Pools

This video from our series Determining Overhead Rates in Government Contracts breaks down how Proper Cost Pools must be established within a government contractor’s accounting system. This means segregating costs into direct, indirect, and unallowabl…

Videos January 31, 2020 FAR Part 31 – Cost Principles & Procedures

This video from our series Determining Overhead Rates in Government Contracts explores some basics of FAR Part 31, the specific section of the government regulations that details cost principles and procedures.

Videos January 31, 2020 Indirect Rate Calculations

As a federal government contractor, your overhead rate is essential to maximizing cost recovery. This video series provides an overview of the elements that come into play when structuring overhead rates, and presents examples of how to calculate ove…

Articles December 19, 2019 Tsafos Talks Market Caution, Opportunities on Bloomberg’s Daybreak Asia

Nicholas Tsafos covered a wide range of topics including one main concern by clients, geopolitics. The worry is that protectionism and trade wars will not only restrict the free flow of capital, but this could spur rising interest rates and higher co…