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Videos | Webinars March 18, 2020 On-Demand Webinar: Financial Close Automation--The Future of Finance in the Digital Age

Newer technologies and business applications continue to impact every aspect of our businesses. Understanding the changes and how to immediately capitalize is essential information for every business professional. This webinar explains how Purpose Bu…

Videos | Webinars March 12, 2020 On-Demand Webinar: QOF Incentives for Real Estate Investors

Our speakers discuss the intended goal of the qualified opportunity zones on benefits. It is to simulate investment within economically distressed areas throughout the United States including its territories and possessions.

Videos | Webinars March 05, 2020 Your Portfolio & Financial Plan

The final part in this series emphasizes the importance of actively managing risk within an individual’s financial plan.

Videos | Webinars March 05, 2020 A New Fixed Income Paradigm

The fifth part of this series discusses how the extended low interest rate environment has impacted the strategy for minimizing volatility while generating income.

Videos | Webinars March 05, 2020 Global Diversification – Past & Future

The fourth part takes a look back at the performance of international markets and diversification.

Videos | Webinars March 05, 2020 Current Market Cautions

The third part of this series discusses considerations when repositioning portfolios.

Videos | Webinars March 05, 2020 Diversification & Risk Reduction Strategies

The second segment covers how diversification and other risk reduction strategies can help reduce portfolio risk-volatility.

Videos | Webinars March 05, 2020 Investment Committee Overview & 2019 Highlights

The first segment of this series is an overview of the committee’s function and composition.

Articles March 03, 2020 Tim Speiss Talks with WABC-TV on the Impact of the Coronavirus on the Markets

Timothy Speiss, Co-Leader of EisnerAmper’s Personal Wealth Advisors Group, speaks to WABC-TV NY on the impact of the coronavirus on the stock market and possible ramifications to individuals’ retirement accounts.