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Videos | Webinars July 20, 2019 Why Is the US Struggling to Keep Up with Other Nations from a Regulatory Perspective?

Bill Taylor discusses one of the key obstacles facing US regulators.

Videos | Webinars July 18, 2019 Why is Gibraltar Emerging as a Hub for Digital Asset Funds?

In this segment, Bill Taylor discusses why he chose to launch his digital asset fund in Gibraltar.

Videos | Webinars July 16, 2019 Why Are US-Based Digital Asset Businesses Looking to Launch Overseas?

In this segment of Regulatory Landscape for Digital Assets, Bill Taylor discusses why Facebook’s Libra Network is a prime example of why the United States struggles to keep up with smaller international jurisdictions in regulating digital assets.

Videos | Webinars July 15, 2019 How Far Behind is the United States from a Regulatory Perspective and What Can it Do to Catch-Up to or Surpass Smaller Nations?

Bill Taylor discusses what the United States could do to keep digital asset funds onshore.

Videos | Webinars July 15, 2019 What Nations are Seeing a Surge in Cryptocurrency / Digital Asset Businesses?

Bill Taylor weighs the pros and cons of establishing digital asset funds in various jurisdictions around the world.

Videos | Webinars July 15, 2019 What Are Some of the Most Significant FinTech Bills that – if Passed – Would Transform Financial Services?

Dina Ellis Rochkind discusses the regulatory activity on Capitol Hill including fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Videos | Webinars July 11, 2019 What Legislative Role Do States Play When it Comes to Disruptive Technologies?

Vincent Russo explains new disruptive technologies and how states serve as laboratories of democracy in helping Congress shape their policies.

Videos | Webinars July 11, 2019 Webinar: Form 5471 Playbook

In this webinar, EisnerAmper explains the Form 5471 information reporting including the various nuances and calculations necessary to complete the form.

Videos | Webinars July 08, 2019 EisnerAmper Expert Discusses IPOs, Innovation and the Next Steps in Digital Currency

Dara Albright discusses how regulations on digital currencies, IPO are impacted by digital assets.