Videos April 23, 2020 How Blockchain Technology is Being Used in the Fight Against COVID-19

This webcast highlights ways in which Blockchain technology is making significant inroads in the medical field.

Videos April 14, 2020 Three Steps to Starting a Successful Business

Lisë Stewart explains the 3 most important steps to setting your new business up for success!

Videos March 25, 2020 Evaluating Crypto and Other Emerging Blockchain-Based Assets

Dara Albright is joined by Jack Tatar, Managing Partner of Doyle Capital Management and co-author of the best seller Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond.

Videos March 05, 2020 Your Portfolio & Financial Plan

The final part in this series emphasizes the importance of actively managing risk within an individual’s financial plan.

Videos March 05, 2020 A New Fixed Income Paradigm

The fifth part of this series discusses how the extended low interest rate environment has impacted the strategy for minimizing volatility while generating income.

Videos March 05, 2020 Global Diversification – Past & Future

The fourth part takes a look back at the performance of international markets and diversification.

Videos March 05, 2020 Current Market Cautions

The third part of this series discusses considerations when repositioning portfolios.

Videos March 05, 2020 Diversification & Risk Reduction Strategies

The second segment covers how diversification and other risk reduction strategies can help reduce portfolio risk-volatility.

Videos March 05, 2020 Investment Committee Overview & 2019 Highlights

The first segment of this series is an overview of the committee’s function and composition.