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Real Estate

Podcast October 19, 2017 Laying a Strong Financial Foundation for Construction Firms

EisnerAmper senior audit manager Mike Stuhltrager discusses the myriad business and financial issues construction firms should be up to speed on touching on everything from the latest construction accounting regulations to infrastructure spending.

Podcast July 17, 2017 What's Next for the Real Estate Market?

Kenneth Weissenberg, Tax Partner and the Partner-in-Charge of EisnerAmper’s Real Estate Services Group, examines a wide-range of issues that could impact the real estate market such as capital markets, foreign investors in U.S. real estate and tax re…

Podcast July 13, 2017 Interview: Jayson Lemberg of Pioneer Acquisitions: Part 1

In this EisnerAmper podcast, Jayson Lemberg, Principal at Pioneer Acquisitions, gives Dave Plaskow insight on the real estate private equity industry in the New York City and Chicago markets.

Podcast July 13, 2017 Interview: Jayson Lemberg of Pioneer Acquisitions: Part 2

Mr. Lemberg discusses what amenities and social opportunities renters in the real estate market find desirable as well as ways that real estate developers and property managers can integrate technology, aesthetics and a sense of social connection.

Podcast June 29, 2017 Veteran NYC Real Estate Developers Talk to EisnerAmper: Part 2

In this second part of our real estate development podcast, Lisa Knee, an EisnerAmper tax partner, continues her conversation with veteran NYC real estate developers, Daren Horning of Hornig Capital and Chris Schlank of Savanna.

Podcast June 29, 2017 Veteran NYC Real Estate Developers Talk to EisnerAmper: Part 1

Lisa Knee, tax partner at EisnerAmper, discusses east coast real estate with Daren Hornig from Hornig Capital and Chris Schlank from Savanna.

Podcast June 22, 2017 A Conversation with NYC Council Member Greenfield

EisnerAmper tax partner Bill Timlen discusses land use planning, affordable housing and infrastructure in New York City with NYC Council Member David Greenfield, addressing the compromises needed to get real estate deals done in New York City.

Podcast June 20, 2017 REIT Reforms Under the PATH Act

Under the PATH Act, significant reforms are impacting real estate investment trusts (REITs). This podcast covers how taxable REIT subsidies are impacted and the substantial changes made to the provisions concerning foreign investment in US real estat…

Articles May 11, 2015 EisnerAmper CEO, Charly Weinstein on Role of Private Equity in Fueling Real Estate Investment Boom

Charly Weinstein, CEO of EisnerAmper, comments from the EisnerAmper Private Equity Real Estate Summit West on how the financial services, technology and real estate investment markets in San Francisco and New York are mirror images of each other in t…

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