This Life Sciences and Technology podcast talks about the Hyperloop between LA and San Francisco conceived by Elon Musk, and developed by Hyperloop One.

Hyperloop Could Take People from LA to SF in 35 Minutes


In this episode of TechTalk, Dave in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice, tells us about this space-age technology that could revolutionize personal travel and commercial traffic sooner than you may think.


Dave Plaskow: Hello and welcome to EisnerAmper’s Technology Podcast series. With more than 500 hundred technology clients, we’re always interested in the latest industry trends and developments, as well as any related business and accounting opportunities and challenges. Today’s topic is the Hyperloop. I’m your host Dave Plaskow, and with us today is Dave Katz, Senior Manager in EisnerAmper’s Technology and Life Sciences Practice. We like to call this TechTalk. Dave, welcome and thanks for being here.

Dave Katz: Pleasure to be here Dave.

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