The Forensic File

Welcome to the Forensic File. We’ve curated content from our professionals with the goal of providing further insight into Fraud and how it can help prevent you from becoming a victim of the many types of schemes in the marketplace.

Podcast November 18, 2022 How to Identify and Mitigate Fraud Risk in Manufacturing

As part of International Fraud Awareness Week, the team discusses actionable strategies and controls manufacturing business leaders can implement to better identify and mitigate fraud in their organizations.

Articles April 05, 2022 The Financial Cost of Occupational Fraud on Business

A review of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ Report to the Nations survey providing insight into the potential costs and financial impacts of occupational fraud on businesses.

Articles November 16, 2021 Occupational Fraud Checklist

While occupational fraud is not entirely preventable, there are certain things organizations can do to mitigate their losses. This article offers a ‘checklist’ of things to watch for and actions to take.

Podcast November 16, 2021 Occupational Fraud - Theft in the Workplace

In this episode of Fraud Forum, Hubert Klein, Partner and Practice Leader for the Financial Advisory Services Group, and Jim Agar, a Managing Director in the Financial Advisory Services Group, discuss how theft and fraud occur in the workplace. Is yo…

Podcast November 12, 2021 How Small to Medium-Sized Companies Can Strengthen Their Anti-Fraud Compliance Programs

In this episode of Fraud Forum we discuss anti-fraud controls and how senior management attestations can help small-to-medium-sized companies strengthen their anti-fraud compliance programs.

Articles November 12, 2021 The True Costs of Paycheck Protection Program Fraud

Some estimates put potentially fictitious PPP loans at approximately $81.4 billion. This widespread fraud could have caused truly needy business when the PPP program ran out of funds in May 2021.

Articles November 12, 2021 Using SOFA and SOAL to Prevent Bankruptcy Fraud

The Schedule of Assets and Liabilities (“SOAL”) and the Statement of Financial Affairs (“SOFA”) are a pair of bankruptcy forms designed to combat fraud.

Articles November 11, 2021 Understanding Vendor Fraud

How vendor fraud perpetrators operate and when to consult a fraud expert. Common vendor fraud schemes include overbilling, bid rigging, price fixing and kickbacks. Forensic accountants can help build a case to recover losses as well as help prevent f…

Articles November 10, 2021 Understanding and Preventing Occupational Fraud

Understanding why and how employees decide to steal is important in order to deter bad actors. Developing and implementing protection against theft before it ever happens is the best way to mitigate occupational fraud.