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EisnerAmper’s COVID-19 Knowledge Center offers a wealth of guidance, pronouncements and other valuable content to help you both minimize possible business interruptions as well as leverage various stimulus programs to help you with liquidity issues. The Center is staffed by EisnerAmper’s COVID-19 Response Team featuring a cross-section of EisnerAmper experts providing the most comprehensive and timely information possible. To further assist clients with this (and future crises) the firm continues to deploy leading-edge technology that is robust, secure, flexible and can be accessed remotely by our staff to maintain the utmost level of service to which our clients are accustomed. EisnerAmper is there for you during these uncertain times, and we assure you that our commitment to our clients and communities remains strong and focused.

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Articles September 24, 2020 FAQs: Impairment Considerations in View of COVID-19

This article features a series of FAQs that may help entities stay abreast of impairment considerations when accounting and reporting in conformity with U.S. GAAP, in light of the impact of the coronavirus over the last several months.

Articles September 23, 2020 Understanding the Accounting Treatment when a Debtor Enters into a Loan Modification Agreement with its Financial Institution

Financial institution regulators have released guidance for financial institutions and their customers in response to the COVID-19 encouraging financial institutions to work prudently with borrowers and to describe the agencies’ interpretation of how…

Blogs September 22, 2020 After Years of Talk, New Jersey’s Proposed Millionaires’ Tax to Become Reality

NJ Governor Phil Murphy has struck a deal with New Jersey Democrats to raise the gross income tax rate on individuals with earned income between $1 million and $5 million to a proposed top rate of 10.75%, up from 8.97%.

Blogs September 22, 2020 U.S. 2020 Economic Conditions and Commentary Considering COVID-19 and Continuing Economic Developments

Part three of an ongoing examination about the state of economic drivers in the U.S.

Articles September 22, 2020 From Forbearance to Restructure: A Roadmap

Owners of commercial real estate have been hit hard of late with their worst case scenario: a sudden economic collapse brought on by a health crisis that has in many cases significantly curtailed their tenants’ ability to pay rent and their own abili…

Podcast September 22, 2020 COVID-19 and the Flight to the 'Burbs - Part 2

Darren Griffith and Tim Schuster discuss updated trends in the commercial and residential real estate markets, the tax impacts of moving to a different state from where your employer is located, and the potential ripple effect on the cost of housing.

Articles September 21, 2020 Going Concern for Real Estate and Hospitality Companies Under COVID-19

Guidance for going concerns for real estate, hospitality and other industries under COVID-19 including evaluation criteria, adverse conditions, required disclosures and more.

Articles September 17, 2020 The Accommodative Climate for Modifying Bank Loans

Recent guidance given to banks by regulators that has encouraged banks to work with borrowers impacted by the pandemic and consider longer-term strategies when those accommodations eventually expire.

Webinars | Webcasts September 17, 2020 On-Demand Webcast: Business Ownership Transitions--Perspectives of the Rising Generation

Our panelists covered the multi-faceted decision points that have helped clients successfully navigate business transitions.