Financial Services Blog

Blogs October 31, 2019 Trends Watch: Real Estate Outlook

An insider’s look at the outlook for real estate investment

Blogs October 25, 2019 Alternative Investments Breakfast Roundtable: Current Trends in Hedge Fund Investing

Highlights of a discussion from alternatives experts regarding the current trends in Hedge Fund investing.

Blogs October 24, 2019 Trends Watch: Vegan Investing

An insider’s perspective on the opportunities in ‘vegan investing’ and the outlook for this burgeoning sector.

Blogs October 17, 2019 Trends Watch: Opportunities for Systematic Strategies

A look at electronic trading, especially under new regulatory requirements, and providing a set of conditions to generate alpha through quantitative analysis.

Blogs October 11, 2019 VC Activity Leveling Off; VC-Backed IPOs Surging

The report for Q3 of venture capital investment includes exit value exceeding $200 billion for the first time as well as the continuing proliferation of mega deals.

Blogs October 10, 2019 Trends Watch: Macro Correction; EB-5

Daniel Healy, Chief Executive Officer, Civitas Capital Group, discusses what he sees for the near future of global investment real estate opportunities, including the EB-5 program, corrections, and the impact of uncertainty.

Blogs October 03, 2019 Trends Watch: Evolution, Opportunities, and Challenges

A quick look at the issues driving change in early-stage venture capital investment.

Blogs September 26, 2019 Trends Watch: Beta; Niche Investors

With the increase in the size and number of private equity funds in existence, many of them mimic a sort of private version of a mutual fund.

Blogs September 19, 2019 Trends Watch: Cautious, but Opportunities are There

A discussion for investors regarding reasons to be cautious, reasons to be optimistic, and passive vs. active managers.