Financial Services Blog

Blogs February 27, 2020 Trends Watch: Venture Capital and Consumer Products

A conversation with Sumeet Shah of Swiftarc Ventures regarding venture capital investment in consumer goods, investment opportunity, and the impact of ‘personal brands’ on spending and behavior.

Blogs February 20, 2020 Trends Watch: The Fluidity of Hedge Funds

A conversation with Jeff Schachter, President and Chief Operating Officer of Crawford Lake Capital Management, LLC, regarding the outlook for hedge funds a fluid industry that continually sees over 500 new hedge fund launches each year.

Blogs February 13, 2020 Trends Watch: Fixed-Income

A conversation with Skyler Weinand, Managing Member, Regan Capital, on Regan’s outlook for alternatives, especially fixed-income investments.

Blogs February 06, 2020 Trends Watch: Digital Assets

A conversation with David Lifchitz, Managing Partner and CIO, ExoAlpha, regarding digital assets and quantitative trading.

Blogs January 30, 2020 Trends Watch: Cannabis

An interview with Vikas Desai, partner at WelCan Capital, regarding the outlook for companies seeking to invest in cannabis and cannabis products.

Blogs January 23, 2020 Trends Watch: Niche Strategies

A discussion of the outlook for niche investment strategies with Abby Flamholz, managing member or Worth Venture Partners.

Blogs January 17, 2020 What a Decade for Tech!

Alan Wink puts a bow on the decade’s VC landscape, which was led by technology. As always, he examines mega deals, exit values, dry power and more, as well as what the new year may hold.

Blogs January 16, 2020 Trends Watch: China

A discussion with Andrew Middlebrooks, CIO of EIA All Weather Alpha Partners, LLC, regarding the impact of the China slowdown on global markets.

Blogs January 09, 2020 Trends Watch: Hedge Fund Specialization

Craig Bergstrom, managing partner and CIO of Corbin Capital Partners, discusses the outlook for hedge funds in a complicated world.