Trends Watch Blog

Blogs August 15, 2019 Trends Watch: Venture Capital, Technology, Blurring Lines, and Making Sense of It All

A brief conversation with Sami Moughrabie of Atmos Ventures discussing the outlook for venture capital with an eye toward AI and other technologies; opportunities and reasons to be concerned.

Blogs August 08, 2019 Trends Watch: Asia and Alternatives

Jonathan Garrick, Portfolio Manager, Neutron Asia Absolute Return Fund, Bric Neutron Asset Management, discusses the outlook for Asian alternative investments in light of current and future influences.

Blogs August 01, 2019 Trends Watch: World Markets; Equities

World markets and equities are becoming more highly correlated and the velocity in markets is ever increasing.

Blogs July 25, 2019 Trends Watch: Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Private Equity and Hedge Funds can take advantage of current environment and remain strong.

Blogs July 22, 2019 Private Equity Movement: How Investors and Managers Are Scaling for Growth

A discussion of matters to consider when scaling a private equity business. Some topics included building and managing the investment team, fundraising dynamics and the role of technology.

Blogs July 18, 2019 Trends Watch: Alternatives; Health Care

This week, Elana talks with John Rende, Managing Partner & Founder, Copernicus Capital Management. They discuss his outlook on hedge fund performance and risk management.

Blogs July 12, 2019 Exit Market Heats Up in Q2 2019

This report on the VC market for Q2 ’19 indicates that investment, exits and mega deals continue to stay hot. We’ll have a better idea post-Q3 if 2019 will be another record-setting year.

Blogs July 11, 2019 Trends Watch: Commercial Real Estate

The outlook for commercial real estate (CRE) debt investment is positive says, Frank Scavone, Managing Partner of Trawler Capital.

Blogs July 09, 2019 The LP Blueprint for 2019: Global LP Views on Alternative Investment Opportunities

Alternative investments (“Alts”) continue to play a major role in satisfying limited partner (“LP”) return objectives.