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Blogs May 22, 2017 Snap’s Unique Strategy to Monetize Augmented Reality

Snap Inc., parent of Snapchat, has now devised a clever way to generate revenue from this form of augmented reality. It is offering potential advertisers the opportunity to customize lenses to superimpose company logos on peoples’ photos and videos.

Blogs May 12, 2017 Apple Unveils $1 Billion Fund for U.S. Advanced Manufacturing

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the formation of $1 billion fund that will invest in U.S. companies in advanced manufacturing areas such as 3D printing, green technology, medical devices, smart infrastructure and other precision technology sectors.

Blogs May 05, 2017 4 Tips for Minimizing e-Waste

Throw an old cell phone in a drawer; leave an old TV at the curb for the garbage truck. Most of us do it without much thought. But did you ever think of what happens to all those gadgets after we deem them obsolete?

Blogs April 20, 2017 4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Patent Trolls

A patent troll—a person or entity—obtains patents that are sold at auctions by distressed companies attempting to liquidate their assets or by companies that want to monetize unused patents and/or patents that don’t have any value to the companies.

Blogs April 10, 2017 Tesla Hopes to Shift into High Gear with Chinese Investment

Elon Musk’s Tesla electric car company recently received a $1.8 billion cash infusion from Chinese powerhouse Tencent. Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are leveraging their respective technologies to enter the self-driving car market.

Blogs April 03, 2017 7 Tips for Using Gamification to Influence Behavior

If you’ve ever strived to see that online confetti fall when you break your own personal exercise record, earn a new badge when you discover that new craft beer, or accumulate those Farmville coins, then you’ve been gamified!

Blogs March 31, 2017 Amazon Establishes a Foothold in Middle East with Souq Acquisition

Amazon is adding to its online shopping presence with the acquisition of Dubai-based The deal is valued between $650 million and $800 million. Amazon says the Souq acquisition is scheduled to close later this year.

Blogs March 24, 2017 Tech Odd Couples Team-Up to Keep Pace with Competition

Companies, that on the surface don’t seem to have much in common, are finding unique ways to expand through M&A transactions and partnerships in response to growing competition. Here's a sample of M&A activity in the technology sector.

Blogs March 15, 2017 FCC Signals Possible Net Neutrality Changes for Businesses

FCC decisions on net neutrality, broadband deployments and privacy rules are expected to undergo major reshaping in the next several months. If net neutrality rules are relaxed, ISPs could charge companies to prioritize access to their content.