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Blogs August 15, 2017 Congress Proposes Internet of Things Legislation

In the aftermath of the Mirai botnet strike, Congress is taking an important first step - a bipartisan bill - The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Act of 2017. The bill provides the following security stipulations for IoT devices purchased by the U.…

Blogs July 13, 2017 Newspapers Want to Bargain Collectively with Google and Facebook

The News Media Alliance (NMA) is appealing to Congress for a limited anti-trust exemption in order to bargain collectively with the 'digital de facto duopoly' regarding e-business models, revenue distribution and intellectual property protections.

Blogs July 07, 2017 The Difference Between Capitalizing Internal- and External-Use Software

This article reviews the differences between capitalizing internal-use vs. external-use software. External-use software is sold, leased or marketed. For amortization, internal-use software should be amortized over its useful life.

Blogs June 21, 2017 Drone Racing League Gets Influx of Capital

The Drone Racing League raised $20 million during its recent series B round of fundraising. Drones are being employed in a variety of sectors such as real estate, law enforcement and others. This now adds sports and entertainment to the list.

Blogs June 19, 2017 Amazon Goes Shopping for Whole Foods

While noteworthy, Wal-Mart’s purchase of menswear online seller Bonobos for $310 million was far from the largest retail acquisition of June 16.

Blogs June 16, 2017 Ride Sharing Service Gets a Financial Lyft from British Auto Maker

As Lyft receives a $25 million investment and a fleet of vehicles from Britain's largest automaker, Jaguar Land Rover, they are attempting to pull ahead of Uber in the race for autonomous vehicles.

Blogs May 22, 2017 Snap’s Unique Strategy to Monetize Augmented Reality

Snap Inc., parent of Snapchat, has now devised a clever way to generate revenue from this form of augmented reality. It is offering potential advertisers the opportunity to customize lenses to superimpose company logos on peoples’ photos and videos.

Blogs May 12, 2017 Apple Unveils $1 Billion Fund for U.S. Advanced Manufacturing

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the formation of $1 billion fund that will invest in U.S. companies in advanced manufacturing areas such as 3D printing, green technology, medical devices, smart infrastructure and other precision technology sectors.

Blogs May 05, 2017 4 Tips for Minimizing e-Waste

Throw an old cell phone in a drawer; leave an old TV at the curb for the garbage truck. Most of us do it without much thought. But did you ever think of what happens to all those gadgets after we deem them obsolete?