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Blogs January 04, 2018 Your First Taste of SALT for 2018

New state and local tax items you should be aware of: CT announced a tax amnesty program, NJ Tax Court allows $5.8M corporate tax refund for foreign company, TX announces tax amnesty program and the NJ sales tax rate has changed.

Blogs December 22, 2017 Governor Cuomo Allows Partial Payment of NY State Property Taxes for 2018

NY Governor Cuomo issues an emergency executive order to issue tax warrants for 2018 property tax payments.

Blogs November 17, 2017 New Jersey Says “Thank You for Your Service”

If you are a military veteran who was honorably discharged from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States by the last day of the tax year, you are entitled to a $3,000 exemption on your NJ individual income tax return.

Blogs August 08, 2017 Sales Tax Amnesty Program to Help Amazon Vendors with Nexus Compliance

The MTC announced an amnesty program for vendors that sell to Amazon that may have had nexus within a state due to the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. The program also features a no-lookback period for unpaid taxes, fines or penalties.

Blogs July 17, 2017 Seattle Hedges Its Bets with City Tax

The Seattle, Washington, City Council has imposed a 2.25% tax on residents earning $250,000 or more, or $500K for couples. Why here? Why now?

Blogs May 05, 2017 New York State’s $9 Biennial Statement Filing

The the New York State biennial registration program requires a domestic or foreign business corporation or limited liability company (“LLC”) to file a statement every 2 years with the New York Department of State and to pay a $9.00 fee.

Blogs April 28, 2017 New York’s 421-a Tax Exemption Program Re-Established in 2018 Budget Act

The Affordable New York Housing Program gives developers a tax break from New York City real property tax if they meet certain conditions. The program will likely generate an increase in the construction of affordable housing units.

Blogs April 25, 2017 New York State 2018 Budget Invests in the Life Sciences

This is Part 3 of a multi-part series about the recently enacted 2018 New York State budget that includes targeted provisions to attract and retain firms in the life sciences.

Blogs April 21, 2017 Key Sales Tax Provisions in New York’s 2017-2018 Budget

The 2017-2018 Budget signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on modified a number of key New York sales/use tax provisions.