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Blogs June 19, 2017 6 Types of Alternative Work Schedules

Implementing an alternative work schedule depends on the type of industry your company is in, coordination among stakeholders clear policies for employees and management needs to set clear expectations.

Blogs June 02, 2017 The Ins and Outs of Franchising

Before purchasing a franchise, you should carefully consider what is entailed. Having a franchise means that your business is based on a successful idea, and you can use the business’ trademarks and brand names to help you enjoy a part of that succe…

Blogs April 03, 2017 7 Components of a Strong Business Plan

Starting and running a successful business is not something you do by the seat of your pants. It takes careful planning and analysis. Here are 7 things to include when creating your business plan.

Blogs March 02, 2017 8 Ways to Protect Your Small Business from Employee Fraud

Often lost in the craziness of starting, managing and growing a business is preventing the risk from employee fraud. The cost of implementing preventative measures can be much less than the cost of doing nothing.

Blogs January 31, 2017 President Trump vs. The “Brady Bunch”

Kevin Brady has put forth a tax reform plan that would allow for the deduction of interest expense with the exception of land and would allow interest expense up to the amount of interest income being reported.

Blogs January 30, 2017 4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Function

Outsourcing IT function to third parties to remotely host your network or outsource technical support, network monitoring and messaging can create cost savings, provide expertise, transfer risk and allow your staff to focus on their expertise.

Blogs January 20, 2017 The Danger of Retirement Plan Distributions

The IRS is considered to be the toughest collection agency in the world. One of the easiest ways to develop a relationship with a revenue officer is for a taxpayer to cavalierly treat their retirement distributions. Here's what you need to know.

Blogs January 16, 2017 Which Business Structure Is Right for You?

One thing to consider when starting your business is the type of structure to use. This issue has both tax and legal implications for the business and its owners. Here are several formats worth noting.

Blogs January 03, 2017 8 Tips for Succession Planning

Many business owners have some idea of when they will retire. But what of those owners who suddenly pass away or become incapacitated? Who will lead the business? Having a comprehensive succession plan is extremely important.