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Blogs December 20, 2017 What Does Tax Reform Mean for W-4s?

Tax reform will eliminate taxpayer exemptions for individuals, spouses and their children. As such, employees would need to submit new W-4s to their employers for signature.

Blogs December 06, 2017 Help Wanted: Eight Reasons to Hire an HR Manager

As the owner of a small business, hopefully you grow to the point where you need to hire support staff such as marketing, IT and human resources. In the case of the latter, what should make you consider adding an in-house HR person?

Blogs November 17, 2017 Better To Be Safe than Sorry When it Comes to FBAR Filing

If you are unsure about being subject to the FBAR filing, always err on the side of caution. You might be subject to filing Form 8938, Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets. Penalties can be onerous for not filing the FBAR form.

Blogs November 16, 2017 Ten Tips for Managing a PR Crisis

When a PR calamity hits, take a deep breath and implement your crisis communications plan. You do have one, don’t you? Well you should, and here are some of the things you should consider doing during a public relations thunderstorm.

Blogs November 13, 2017 All in the Family: Six Strategies for Successful Family Business Planning

The seventh annual EisnerAmper NJ Business Summit featured a session called “All in the Family: Six Strategies for Successful Family Business Planning.” The panel discussed transition planning for closely held businesses.

Blogs November 13, 2017 Workplace of the Future

EisnerAmper's New Jersey Business Summit moderated a panel of experts in the session “Welcome to the Workplace of the Future” discussing key considerations in designing an innovative workplace for both talent and customers.

Blogs November 13, 2017 Innovate, Disrupt or Get Out of the Way–Panel Discussion at NJ Business Summit

Rewarding new ideas, promoting risk and accepting failure are three characteristics that were deemed necessary to keep your company relevant at EisnerAmper’s New Jersey Closely-Held Business Summit held on October 24.

Blogs November 02, 2017 Legal Executive Institute Discusses Metrics That Matter

EisnerAmper partner Elliott Lee moderated a panel at the Thomson Reuters Law Firm Financial Performance Forum. Panelists tackled the topic of how to handle billable hours in the age of artificial intelligence (AI).

Blogs November 02, 2017 Ten Ways to Determine If That IRS Agent Knocking at Your Door Is Real

Some tax con artists have abandoned the phone-based scams they’ve used over the past few years. They are now brazenly knocking on doors and posing as IRS agents. Here are ten things to keep in mind if you’re approached in-person by an IRS agent.