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Blogs June 15, 2017 Understanding Unrelated Business Income

An organization may maintain its tax-exempt status even if it has unrelated business activity; however, it may be liable for tax on its unrelated business income. This tax is referred to as unrelated business income tax (“UBIT”).

Blogs June 08, 2017 Don’t Jeopardize Your 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status

There are certain activities that can jeopardize an organization’s 501(c)(3), and therefore their tax exempt status. It is important to be familiar with these topics in order to avoid risking your organization’s ability to fulfill its mission.

Blogs April 19, 2017 Fundamentals of Developing an Investment Policy for a Not-for-Profit

Before investing a not-for-profit’s funds, the board of directors, with management’s assistance, should strongly consider developing an investment policy and there are some basic fundamentals of a sound investment policy.

Blogs March 24, 2017 Alert: W-2 Phishing Scammers Targeting Not-for-Profits

The IRS has issued an alert regarding a scam from last year that targeted companies and this year is setting its sights on schools and not-for-profits. There are several things not-for-profits can do when it comes to this type of cyber fraud.

Blogs March 23, 2017 Understanding the Millennial Not-for-Profit Supporter

Millennials currently comprise of 80 million people who possess the most buying power of any generation and they are crucial to the future success of not-for-profits. Here are a few things to keep in mind when cultivating this increasingly influentia…

Blogs March 13, 2017 Growing Your Not-for-Profit’s Board of Directors

Many organizations have a difficult time finding candidates for vacant seats on their board of directors. Here are some action steps that your not-for-profit can take to find potential candidates.

Blogs March 07, 2017 13 Tips to Mitigate Fraud at Not-for-Profits

There are several tips to help Not-for-Profits mitigate fraud including developing a fraud prevention policy with procedures and guidelines, do self-audits, and use an independent auditor.

Blogs March 01, 2017 Not-for-Profit Scams to Put on Your Radar

Many not-for-profit organizations continue to be soft targets for fraud and are often at a disadvantage due to their limited resources. Those organizations lacking stronger controls and experienced staff could set the stage for fraud.

Blogs February 23, 2017 The 7 Deadly Sins of Self-Dealing

According to the IRS, there are 7 scenarios where a private foundation would be considered engaging in self-dealing. In order to avoid an audit and potential penalties, it is imperative foundations understand what these are.