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Blogs October 27, 2016 Risks Confronting Boards: Most Challenging to Effectively Oversee (Part II)

Cybersecurity is of the utmost concern for public and private directors. We asked what the board’s level of confidence is in the management of cybersecurity risk by the organization’s leadership.

Blogs October 19, 2016 Risks Confronting Boards: Overall Importance to your Organization (Part I)

More than 200 board members identified the risks of most concern to their organizations. Senior management succession planning (out of fourteen possible risks) has emerged as a top concern and cybersecurity risk as a top trending concern.

Blogs October 19, 2016 Risks Confronting Boards: Introduction to the Series

Since 2010, EisnerAmper has issued an annual survey to members of boards of directors across the United States. The survey focuses on the risks that are top of mind for directors and how they are managed both at the board and operational level.

Blogs December 19, 2014 A Cyber Security Breach Can Happen to Any Size Company, At Any Time

A cyber security breach can happen to any company. It is a misconception that if your company or organization doesn't store financial information, then you aren't at risk for a cyber security attack. The recent Sony Pictures data bre…

Blogs April 03, 2014 Cyber Security and Privacy – What You Need to Know (Part 4 of a Series)

Cybersecurity what you need to know. A Written Information Security Program addresses cyber security policy, procedures and guidelines. What is a Written Information Security Program (WISP)? Includes info on risk assessment, cybersecurity awareness t…

Blogs March 21, 2014 Cyber Security and Privacy – What You Need to Know (Part 3 of a Series)

A cybersecurity risk assessment enables a business to prioritize a responsive action to improve risk mitigation activities and ensure resource allocation. Tips to consider on cybersecurity risk impact, severity and mitigation. How to developing a cyb…

Blogs March 05, 2014 Cyber Security and Privacy – What You Need to Know (Post 2 of a Series)

Cybersecurity and privacy what you need to know. This overview of cybersecurity risks and the profile of potential perpetrators will help you identify the risks specific to your business so you can create a cybersecurity risk management strategy spec…

Blogs February 20, 2014 Cybersecurity and Privacy – What You Need to Know (Post 1 of a Series)

Blogs on mitigating cybersecurity risk. Topics such as effective risk management practices and tools and written information security programs WISP. News on cybersecurity breaches, risk mitigation strategies and a cybersecurity tip sheet.

Blogs February 14, 2014 Cyber Security and Instilling Investor Confidence

Publicly traded companies cyber security and instilling investor confidence. A look at Target's security breach, their response and assessing the financial impact of the security breach. Target’s response during the senate hearing ab…