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Blogs June 18, 2018 Are The Kids Alright?

Thomson Reuters recently hosted a two-day legal forum that brought together various professional service leaders in the legal industry. The common theme was “The Changing Landscape of the Legal Profession” and posed some key questions.

Blogs June 14, 2018 The Path to Data-Driven Strategy and Planning

A recent Thomson Reuters event covered the dependence of law firms on analytical data and competitive intelligence. The panel consisted of competitive intelligence directors from leading law firms and research consultancies working with law firms.

Blogs November 01, 2017 To Be or Not To Be

The 16th annual Law Firm COO & CFO Forum panel spoke of the advantages of specialization that can come in the form of geography, practice or industry. Specialization leads to competitive advantages and the agility to respond to their client’s needs.

Blogs February 22, 2017 10 Password Tips to Help You Sleep Better at Night

According to Cloudswave, more than 8 million Americans become victims of stolen passwords annually -- to the tune of $37 billion in losses. By taking a few extra steps, you can greatly increase the security of your online presence.

Blogs July 14, 2016 Spreadsheet Risk to Financial Reporting

There is always at least a small probability that a spreadsheet error will spoil the day. This is the first in a series of blogs outlining spreadsheet risk and the steps that can be taken to minimize potential damage.

Blogs October 09, 2014 The Continuing Challenges with ORSA

ORSA filings continue to be a challenge. Companies that have not developed their ORSA report and ERM processes will be challenged in providing regulators with robust data and might face additional regulatory scrutiny due to the quality of their ORSA …

Blogs April 03, 2014 Cyber Security and Privacy – What You Need to Know (Part 4 of a Series)

Cybersecurity what you need to know. A Written Information Security Program addresses cyber security policy, procedures and guidelines. What is a Written Information Security Program (WISP)? Includes info on risk assessment, cybersecurity awareness t…

Blogs March 21, 2014 Cyber Security and Privacy – What You Need to Know (Part 3 of a Series)

A cybersecurity risk assessment enables a business to prioritize a responsive action to improve risk mitigation activities and ensure resource allocation. Tips to consider on cybersecurity risk impact, severity and mitigation. How to developing a cyb…

Blogs March 12, 2014 Compiling Form F: An EisnerAmper Guide

The NAIC ORSA Subgroup is heading into year three of the ORSA pilot project. The impending Form F filing has no formal guidance or templates to aid in its preparation. Based on our discussion with regulators and NAIC representatives, the Form F shoul…