Process, Risk and Technology Solutions Blog

Blogs July 18, 2019 Trends in Accounting and Emerging Technology

EisnerAmper’s recent Process Risk and Technology Solutions Summit discussed various technologies related to accounting including robotics process automation (RPA), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart contracts.

Blogs July 15, 2019 What’s Happening in Audit Regulation

Jeanette M. Franzel was the keynoted speaker at EisnerAmper's Process Risk and Technology Solutions Summit. She discussed how disruption and change will shape the public company financial reporting process.

Blogs July 11, 2019 EisnerAmper PRTS Summit Blog 1: Where Disruption Meets Opportunity

Disruption connotes a sense of chaos, uncertainty and change – but a person with the right mindset can leverage these very same attributes to study, analyze, implement and achieve when faced with imminent shifts in the industry.

Blogs July 01, 2019 Capitalization of Software Development Costs – Guidance for Hosted Environments

Software capitalization costs raises questions, whether it is uncertainty on whether the underlying software is intended for internal use or to be sold, leased, or marketed, or a question of what costs can be capitalized and at what points during dev…

Blogs May 21, 2019 The Best Way to Prepare for a Data Security Audit

EisnerAmper's Process, Risk, and Technology Solutions group provides tips for how to prepare for a data security audit, policies and procedures, appropriate vendor risk management and how to perform a risk assessment using a framework such as the N…

Blogs April 04, 2019 Hands Free Financial Close

EisnerAmper Process, Risk and Technology Solutions (PRTS) hosted a webinar, “Hands Free Financial Close” on Robotics Process Automation (RPA) as an influential driver for change in digital solution/technology in helping implement automated processes.

Blogs January 07, 2019 Effect of Cyber Fraud on Companies’ Internal Controls

Taking a proactive approach to addressing cybersecurity risks will reduce the likelihood that a breach or security incident will occur and auditors should be looking out for specific weakness areas when performing an audit.

Blogs November 26, 2018 Occupational Fraud Series Part 3 of 3: Financial Statement Fraud

All levels of personnel are guilty of committing financial statement fraud. Prevention of financial statement fraud is most effective with a strong team. This is part 3 of a 3-part series on Occupational Fraud. Read more in the following articles.

Blogs November 04, 2018 Occupational Fraud Series

Management should consider an outside assessment of these policies and procedures and programs to ensure proper compliance, as well as a whistleblower program or “hotline” in order to encourage individuals to report fraudulent activity.