Process, Risk and Technology Solutions Blog

Blogs November 15, 2019 Enhanced Security and Risk Mitigation in Today’s World

A Florida Business Summit panel that took a deep dive on cybercrime. The discussion included types of crime (e.g., ransomware), the high stakes involved, and how companies can protect themselves (e.g., cyber insurance).

Blogs October 30, 2019 Important Security Updates for Android Phones and Windows 10 Computers

Security updates for Windows and Android that you should be aware of. These relate to audio, video and image files that could be open to hacking.

Blogs October 09, 2019 Is Android for Business the Right Choice for You?

A look at some of the pros and cons of using the Android platform for business use. We examine price, flexibility, data security and more.

Blogs October 08, 2019 Workiva Conference Amplifies User Experience

Workiva software conference included users and professionals from the accounting, finance and compliance sectors.

Blogs September 12, 2019 Examining the Sunny and Stormy Sides of Taking Your Business to the Cloud

A look at the pros and cons of taking your business data to the cloud, covering such issues as cost, flexibility, control and data security.

Blogs August 23, 2019 Four Tips to Effectively Manage Remote IT Teams

We discuss some of the biggest mistakes IT leaders can make when managing dispersed or remote IT teams.

Blogs July 30, 2019 Emerging Technology Solutions

Blockchain and robotics are emerging technological solutions that could be leveraged to transform the way businesses operate today.

Blogs July 25, 2019 Pair of National Labs Latest to Suffer Unnecessary Data Breaches

Companies that employ best practices for vendor risk management programs utilize technology to organize, synthesize and analyze their vast amounts of data.

Blogs July 24, 2019 How the U.S. Blockchain Regulation Climate Will Determine the Future of Global Commerce

Experts from varying business sectors, each providing a different vantage point to the effects blockchain technology has on them.