Concerns About Risks Confronting Boards Blog Series

Blogs August 08, 2017 Overseeing an Accounting Investigation

Marc Fogarty's article, 'The Dos and Don’ts of Overseeing an Accounting Investigation' was published in NACD Directorship. This two-part blog series, covers common Dos and Don'ts that may arise and ways to effectively manage the process.

Blogs December 23, 2016 Meet our Concerns Blog Series Guest-Blogger: Sara Melnick

Sara Melnick is a junior at Syracuse University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Retail Management. Sara interned with EisnerAmper’s marketing team during the summer of 2016.

Blogs December 16, 2016 Risks Confronting Boards: All Risk, No Action

This year we asked directors which risks, specifically, garner the most board discussions with the least management action. We did so in an open-ended format, allowing for a range of responses.

Blogs December 08, 2016 Uncertainty is the New Norm

At a recent National Association of Corporate Directors roundtable sponsored by EisnerAmper, attendees discussed the implications of the 2016 election results, pending regulations, and changing geopolitical and demographic landscapes.

Blogs November 02, 2016 Risks Confronting Boards: Level of Confidence in the Management of Risk by the Organization’s Leadership (Part III)

Not-for-profit boards rank senior management succession planning as their top concern. Directors of public and private organizations rank it as their second most significant concern. So, how is something of such concern being managed?

Blogs October 27, 2016 Risks Confronting Boards: Most Challenging to Effectively Oversee (Part II)

Cybersecurity is of the utmost concern for public and private directors. We asked what the board’s level of confidence is in the management of cybersecurity risk by the organization’s leadership.

Blogs October 19, 2016 Risks Confronting Boards: Overall Importance to your Organization (Part I)

More than 200 board members identified the risks of most concern to their organizations. Senior management succession planning (out of fourteen possible risks) has emerged as a top concern and cybersecurity risk as a top trending concern.

Blogs October 19, 2016 Risks Confronting Boards: Introduction to the Series

Since 2010, EisnerAmper has issued an annual survey to members of boards of directors across the United States. The survey focuses on the risks that are top of mind for directors and how they are managed both at the board and operational level.