Blogs January 08, 2020 IRS Updates “Frequently Asked Questions” on Virtual Currencies

Brief analysis of the IRS’s updates to FAQs related to a charity’s donor acknowledgement responsibilities when accepting virtual currency donations and a charity’s IRS reporting requirements.

Blogs January 06, 2020 Capitalizing Software Companies 101: Funding Your Business

A primer on the pros and cons of different fundraising platforms for technology companies including debt, crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capital, private equity and capital markets. Includes some key questions to ask yourself prior to fundrai…

Blogs December 26, 2019 Law Taxing Nonprofits on Transportation Benefits Repealed

A discussion of the spending bill recently signed by the president that includes a provision reversing the 21% unrelated business income tax (“UBIT”) on qualified transportation.

Blogs December 19, 2019 Ins and Outs of IRS Levies

A discussion of the conditions and processes surrounding the IRS levying property or rights to property.

Blogs December 19, 2019 Trends Watch: Diversification

A look at the outlook for the broad scope of ‘alternative investments’ and a discussion of the importance of diversification in investing.

Blogs December 16, 2019 The Intrusive Residency Audit

A discussion of the key planning and preparation needed to minimize the risk of being surprised by a residency audit.

Blogs December 13, 2019 Where Is Retail Real Estate in the Cycle?

A discussion on the topic of, “Is retail real estate a dying industry?” Included were, despite challenges, it is not, along with suggestion for cyber-only retailers to increase their connection to consumers.

Blogs December 13, 2019 New Real Estate Fund Manager Conundrum: Joint Venture or Fund Partnership?

A detailed analysis of switching from a joint investment to a fund platform, including pros and cons, risks, regulatory concerns and more.

Blogs December 13, 2019 Final Anti-Clawback Regulations Issued

A discussion of the recently-released anti-clawback regulations, governing taxpayers’ use of the doubled basic exclusion amount for gifts.