Blogs February 05, 2020 Smart Investing in a Mature-Cycle Environment

Attendees at the January Los Angeles Real Estate Principals Luncheon heard the distinguished speakers discuss an outlook for the U.S. economy, that state of capital markets, the threat of an economic slowdown, and what all this means for real estate …

Blogs February 05, 2020 Bay Area 2020 Economic Forecast: Will the Party Ever Stop?

Our San Francisco office hosted a quarterly Real Estate Principals Luncheon where a discussion of economic indicators such as employment, consumer confidence, housing and others underscored the continued strength of the San Francisco Bay Area economy…

Blogs February 05, 2020 A Commercial Real Estate Outlook at NAOIP NJ

A look at the topics covered at the January meeting of the New Jersey Chapter of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (“NAOIP NJ”). Topics included the economy, incentive programs, and the current status of various types of real estate …

Blogs February 03, 2020 Are Financial Advisors Ready for Digital Assets?

A recap of the Digital Assets track including commentary from Don Friedman and Ric Edelman. Coverage focuses on blockchain’s impact on the global economy and how digital assets can play a role in portfolios.

Blogs February 03, 2020 Federal Reporting Rules for Cash Transactions in Excess of $10,000

An overview of the federal regulations requiring banks to report deposits and withdrawals of more than $10,000 to the IRS. Also includes the required turnaround time and penalties for failing to report.

Blogs January 31, 2020 Recent Changes to Hawaii Film Tax Credit

Hawaii recently released a number of changes to its film production income tax credit that supersede a number of previously issued pieces of guidance. These relate to travel and entertainment along with verification review procedures.

Blogs January 31, 2020 2020 Super Bowl Observations

A discussion of the financial impact of the Super Bowl on the local and national economy.

Blogs January 30, 2020 Trends Watch: Cannabis

An interview with Vikas Desai, partner at WelCan Capital, regarding the outlook for companies seeking to invest in cannabis and cannabis products.

Blogs January 29, 2020 New Jersey Acts to Tighten Up on Worker Misclassification

Worker misclassification (employee vs. independent contractor) is a serious issue. The State of New Jersey adopted what is known as the ABC Test, and Governor Phil Murphy signed six bills (Assembly Bills 5838, 5839, 5840, 5843, 4226 and 4228) into la…