Blogs January 20, 2020 Peripatetic Clients: No, It’s Not an Illness but They Need Your Constant Care

A discussion of state taxation issues including changing residency and domicile, incomplete nongrantor trusts, and the state income taxation of trusts after a recent decision by the United States Supreme Court.

Blogs January 20, 2020 Cures for a Cosmopolitan Hangover: What We’re Doing for International Clients Following Tax Reform

A discussion of recent changes to the international private client landscape and planning opportunities, including CFCs, Grecian Magnesite, planning for inbound real estate investment and changes in the electing small business trust (“ESBT”) rules al…

Blogs January 17, 2020 Medical Device Tax Repealed

Repeal of the medical device tax, in effect as part of the ACA but under moratorium since 2016.

Blogs January 17, 2020 What a Decade for Tech!

Alan Wink puts a bow on the decade’s VC landscape, which was led by technology. As always, he examines mega deals, exit values, dry power and more, as well as what the new year may hold.

Blogs January 17, 2020 Jeopardy Levy: IRS’s Most Dangerous Levy Action?

A discussion of the jeopardy levy, an action the IRS can use when they believe that collection of a tax is in jeopardy, and the appeals options for the taxpayer.

Blogs January 16, 2020 You Mean I Can’t Bribe the Coach? Modern Ethics Issues You Didn’t See Coming

A discussion of how perceptions of ethics are changing – and how societal changes and trends are affecting the way we have to behave and communicate.

Blogs January 16, 2020 What Makes a Special Needs Trust So Special, and When Should One Be Used?

A discussion of the concepts related to special needs trusts (different types of public assistance – those that are means-tested and those that are not; difference between self-settled trusts and third party-settled trusts; different types of distrib…

Blogs January 16, 2020 Why Do I Cringe Every Time I See an S Corporation in My Client’s Estate Plan?

A discussion of the handling of S corporation returns in estate plans.

Blogs January 16, 2020 Trends Watch: China

A discussion with Andrew Middlebrooks, CIO of EIA All Weather Alpha Partners, LLC, regarding the impact of the China slowdown on global markets.