Blogs October 03, 2019 Trends Watch: Evolution, Opportunities, and Challenges

A quick look at the issues driving change in early-stage venture capital investment.

Blogs October 02, 2019 Benefits of a Collection Due Process Hearing

A discussion of the taxpayer’s process and each parties’ responsibilities in a collection due process hearing.

Blogs October 01, 2019 IRS Provides Rental Real Estate Safe Harbor for QBI Deduction

IRC Sec. 199A provides a deduction to non-corporate taxpayers of up to 20% of the taxpayer’s qualified business income from each of the taxpayer’s qualified trades or businesses, including those generated through a partnership, S corporation or sole …

Blogs September 27, 2019 History of Global and Economic Trade Meetings – Will This Week Be Different?

A look at the success (or lack thereof) of global economic trade meetings over the last several years.

Blogs September 26, 2019 Cybersecurity for Not-for-Profit Organizations

An examination of how cybersecurity can be one of the most valuable assets an organization can have -- if it is secured and regularly monitored by the organization.

Blogs September 26, 2019 Trends Watch: Beta; Niche Investors

With the increase in the size and number of private equity funds in existence, many of them mimic a sort of private version of a mutual fund.

Blogs September 25, 2019 NCSHA Publishes Opportunity Zone Fund Directory

The Qualified Opportunity Zone Program, as authorized in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, incentivizes investment in designated low-income communities.

Blogs September 23, 2019 Expensing Inventory Under the Small Business Exception

A post regarding Footnote 465, which discusses using the de minimis safe harbor election of Treas. Reg. sec. 1.263(a)–1(f) to can expense “inventory” items when paid. Readers will receive basic instruction as well as insight into the process.

Blogs September 19, 2019 Types of Levies

A quick discussion and examples of the two types of tax levies including continuous and regular.