Blogs July 24, 2019 How the U.S. Blockchain Regulation Climate Will Determine the Future of Global Commerce

Experts from varying business sectors, each providing a different vantage point to the effects blockchain technology has on them.

Blogs July 22, 2019 Private Equity Movement: How Investors and Managers Are Scaling for Growth

A discussion of matters to consider when scaling a private equity business. Some topics included building and managing the investment team, fundraising dynamics and the role of technology.

Blogs July 22, 2019 Converting Residence to Rental: Critical Considerations

Make sure you consider all of the tax implications when deciding to convert your residence or vacation home to a rental property. This will allow you to make the choice that best suits your personal financial goals.

Blogs July 19, 2019 Accounting for Leases: Delay to ASC Topic 842?

Private real estate companies possibly have another year to prepare to adopt ASC Topic 842, a new lease accounting standard from FASB. It can fundamentally change the accounting guidance governing all leases.

Blogs July 18, 2019 Trends in Accounting and Emerging Technology

EisnerAmper’s recent Process Risk and Technology Solutions Summit discussed various technologies related to accounting including robotics process automation (RPA), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart contracts.

Blogs July 18, 2019 Trends Watch: Alternatives; Health Care

This week, Elana talks with John Rende, Managing Partner & Founder, Copernicus Capital Management. They discuss his outlook on hedge fund performance and risk management.

Blogs July 15, 2019 What’s Happening in Audit Regulation

Jeanette M. Franzel was the keynoted speaker at EisnerAmper's Process Risk and Technology Solutions Summit. She discussed how disruption and change will shape the public company financial reporting process.

Blogs July 12, 2019 Exit Market Heats Up in Q2 2019

This report on the VC market for Q2 ’19 indicates that investment, exits and mega deals continue to stay hot. We’ll have a better idea post-Q3 if 2019 will be another record-setting year.

Blogs July 11, 2019 EisnerAmper PRTS Summit Blog 1: Where Disruption Meets Opportunity

Disruption connotes a sense of chaos, uncertainty and change – but a person with the right mindset can leverage these very same attributes to study, analyze, implement and achieve when faced with imminent shifts in the industry.