Blogs August 02, 2019 Fortnite World Cup: A Big-Ticket Event

Huge prize money, strong competition, emerging celebrity – do parents start to encourage their kids to play more video games?

Blogs August 02, 2019 Why You Need to Verify an Employee’s Residency Status

A primer on important steps to follow when hiring employees to endeavor to verify that they’re eligible to work in the U.S.

Blogs August 01, 2019 Feds Cut Interest Rate; First Time This Decade

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by a quarter percentage point. The Fed also announced that it would end the runoff of its $3.8 trillion asset portfolio two months earlier than previously planned.

Blogs August 01, 2019 9 Factors Impacting the Taxation of E-Gaming Revenue

Playing video games for an audience, whether for entertainment or professionally, sounds like a far departure from the arcades, consoles and handheld devices with which many of us grew up.

Blogs August 01, 2019 Trends Watch: World Markets; Equities

World markets and equities are becoming more highly correlated and the velocity in markets is ever increasing.

Blogs August 01, 2019 Attention Crypto Investors: Did You Get an IRS Warning Letter?

If you have a position in cryptocurrency, “better safe than sorry” is the mantra. Be sure you speak with your tax advisor regarding any cryptocurrency transactions you have undertaken.

Blogs July 30, 2019 Emerging Technology Solutions

Blockchain and robotics are emerging technological solutions that could be leveraged to transform the way businesses operate today.

Blogs July 25, 2019 Pair of National Labs Latest to Suffer Unnecessary Data Breaches

Companies that employ best practices for vendor risk management programs utilize technology to organize, synthesize and analyze their vast amounts of data.

Blogs July 25, 2019 Trends Watch: Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Private Equity and Hedge Funds can take advantage of current environment and remain strong.