Blogs June 18, 2020 Part 5 -- U.S. 2020 Economic Conditions, the Pandemic, and Where We Are at the Beginning of June 2020

Part five of a multi-part series demonstrating the economic impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the U.S. economy.

Blogs June 18, 2020 Trends Watch: Sector Spotlight

A conversation with Greg Royce of Maximus Long Short Equity Management on the opportunities ahead for investing in certain sectors.

Blogs June 17, 2020 COVID-19’S Impact on Law Firms’ Escrow Handling

This blog features analysis of how the transition to a remote workforce, due to COVID-19 restrictions, has increased the susceptibility of escrow accounts to fraudulent activity.

Blogs June 17, 2020 Esports Betting Is on the Rise in the Time of COVID-19

This article examines how, as the “new normal” takes shape, esports viewership and related audience involvement – including from online gambling organizations -- continue to grow.

Blogs June 16, 2020 Robert Katz Gives ABL Advisor a PPP Update

Robert Katz gave the ABL Advisor an update on the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”), including the benefits and potential risks for borrowers; how smaller, regional banks have leveraged opportunities; and more.

Blogs June 16, 2020 Millionaires v. Billionaires – Will the Pandemic Alter the Path?

This article takes a look at the ongoing negotiations between the owners and players of Major League Baseball, who are currently trying to figure out to divvy up the finances for an abbreviated (hopefully) upcoming season. While COVID-19 is, tragical…

Blogs June 15, 2020 Part 4 -- U.S. 2020 Economic Conditions, the Pandemic, and Where We Are at the Beginning of June 2020

Current conditions impact estate planning including, historically low interest rates provide additional opportunities for asset transfers and estate planning, wills and health care directives become top of mind due to COVID-19.

Blogs June 15, 2020 Considerations for Launching a Fund with Friends and Family Investors

A discussion of the numerous considerations investment managers must take into account for best practices when launching a fund with commitments from their friends and family.

Blogs June 12, 2020 The MLS Is Back!

As the auditor for Major League Soccer, EisnerAmper observed the recent drawing for the team brackets for the upcoming “MLS Is Back” 26-team tournament scheduled for July 8 to August 11 in Orlando, Florida.